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Spent the afternoon building a new workbench. My old one was one of those tiny, portable metal deals that never seem sturdy or useful. My criteria was that it could survive hammering, would offer comfortable work height for soldering and electronics work, and needed to be on wheels. The results were quite pleasing.

Basis for the project:

Total Materials ($150@Home Depot + 5 hours):

(1) sheet of 3/4″ sanded plywood
(1) sheet of 3/8″ plywood
(9) 2x4×8′s
(8) Simpson rigid tie connectors
(300) #8 x 1-1/4″ screws
(4) 3″ screws
(1) tube of heavy-duty construction adhesive
(4) 2-1/2″ locking casters
(1) Mountable power strip
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Ryan, I am super excited to see this. I'm one of the two authors over at OPC (Ethan is the other), and this workbench is my brainchild! Here's the original article:

I would love to be able to add your pictures to our original article as a reader example! I'm at Also, if you like workshop projects, this might be a good page to check out:

Awesome to meet you. I hope we'll make you a regular reader of OPC!
+Fred Fauth > Absolutely, Fred. I am subbed to your RSS feed since I saw the post on AoM. Feel free to use any pictures of mine on this, glad to have something to offer back for a great idea and clear instructions.

You are under-estimating it when you say it's strong. While demonstrating the hulk-tastic build style of the bench to my wife, I was standing on mine and it did not even seem to notice. Also, I dig your magnetic strip idea and probably will incorporate something like that myself. This bench is primarily going to serve as my electronics station (soldering, wire work, lots of computers), so I am going to have a think a bit about where to put the magnets.

Thanks again, man.
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