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Hope that you have been having a great week on Google+. This is the #MegaBall 11.
Thank you for sharing and promoting this and for connecting up with all the great accounts I have included. 
I am going to repeat my "The 7 Pillars of Your Google+ Success" weeklong course starting Monday May 19 hope that you will join in! 
You can add yourself to the community and maybe even see some of the content generated from the last course here.
Basically it will consist of a blog post to read and a hangout on air every day during the week plus some discussion in the community.
There will be a charge of $7 per account for the course so please pay me $7 on paypal and then send a request to join the community.This charge is an administration fee as I have to employ 2 people to help run this thing. There is no profit for me.
 In Japan the wife controls the money so here is Yoriko`s paypal!

Look forward to being part of this with you

Thank you

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Hi and welcome  this is #MegaBall #2.
Over 1000 unique public shares already.  The second best of all time. 
Look out for lots of great new followers if you have been included.

I really believe that this is the age of connection and that by sharing this you are contributing.

I have written about the #MegaBall  here at and will update the post during the week to record engagement on this one.
Let us make this rock. Is 1200 shares possible? I think so.
Link to share
Thank you
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