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Apache Spark Interview Questions
1. What is Spark? Apache Spark is a fast, easy-to-use and flexible data processing framework. It has an advanced execution engine supporting cyclic data  flow and in-memory computing. Spark can run on Hadoop, standalone or in the cloud and is capable of acc...

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Handling data with changing schema on Hadoop
User data often is unpredictable, even when we can predict a
change coming our way we need to prepare for that. Make changes in our
environment to accept the incoming change, accommodate and absorb.  With that being a fact of life, our design should allow f...

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Hadoop - Small Files vs Big Files
Credits- One of the frequently overlooked yet essential best practices for Hadoop is to prefer fewer, bigger files over more, smaller files. How small is too small and how many i...

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Eclipse - installing Scala plugin manually?
I have been playing around with Scala for some time, and was always using the Scala IDE ( which is based on a relatively older version of Eclipse (Luna). I recently discovered this, wherein you could install the scala plug-in on a regular ...

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Links to free big-data-sets
Many people who are starting their journey with big data and analytics find it hard to get their hands on the right kind of data to play or experiment with.   Most of the time, people have enthusiasm, they are learning the skill too, but they just don't hav...

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Partitioning in Informatica
Sourced from Internet All
transformations have some basic counters that indicate the number of input
rows, output rows, and error rows. Source Qualifier,
Normalizer, and target transformations have additional counters that indicate
the efficiency of data mo...

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Teradata Data type abbreviation - described
Teradata data types (as reported in DBC.Columns.ColumnType can be cryptic and not always easy to remember.  Here's a ready reckoner -  Abbreviation Equivalent

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Hackathon - Fintechathon
A hackathon is a hack ing mar athon wherein many people are invited to attack problems around a theme. I recently attended a hackathon over the valentines weekend.  Organised by StartupBootCamp Fintech, it was attended by about 100 people. Many ideas, many ...
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