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Google Plus Business Directory : Connecting your Google+ business pages and social profile in one place
Google Plus Business Directory : Connecting your Google+ business pages and social profile in one place

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Online Health Check for Businesses in the run up to Christmas

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Online Ownership provides local SEO without the Smoke and Mirrors, you may have experienced with other SEO providers

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Business Attributes are currently being developed by Google My Business, whether the actual business has the ability to define these will remain to be seen when available to owners at some point.

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It’s important for companies to understand the differences between the processes of translation and localization as this simple understanding could work wonders for brands to effectively reach an international audience.

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The best thing since ..... in white house on maps

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The Waring signals when you need to find a SEO service near you.
The time to find a local SEO provider near you is when

- Website is not performing in search as expected
- You have been with your current SEO provider for 6 or more months
- You want to expand your service area locations
- You have an in-house SEO and require an audit
- Website is not positioned in local search
- Your web designer sold you a “SEO” upgrade
- You received a manual penalty notice
- You are launching a new product

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Tips for businesses on choosing an SEO provider
So how does a business separate the wheat from the chaff. Naturally I would say come to Online Ownership but there are tons of great SEO consultants out there, but equally bad ones that can cause untold damage if let loose on your business


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E-commerce SEO Tips
It will take a team effort to integrate these new tools and factors within your business over the year. Using both online and offline approaches to SEO should be a high priority for your e-commerce business.

Neglecting one or the other will mean a loss of potential business. However, pacing your team towards your monthly goals will help keep you in the retail game.

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