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Jake Williams
Editor/Motion Designer in Chicago, IL. Craft Beer, Coffee, Hip-Hop, & Hustlin'
Editor/Motion Designer in Chicago, IL. Craft Beer, Coffee, Hip-Hop, & Hustlin'

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I've been moved by the story and emotions in games so many times. Most recently, The Witness, is one that sticks out as speaking to me, and had me saying over and over "A game can be this."

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Had a lot of fun revisiting Earthworm Jim in our latest episode of +Toon Talk Weekly!
Toon Talk Weekly - Episode 094 - "Earthworm Jim

On Episode 94 of +Toon Talk Weekly+Brad Chmielewski and +Jake Williams dive into antiquated terms like “couch potato,” and we watch an episode of “Earthworm Jim.”

Follow along with the episode covered in this show titled “Upholstered Peril.”

The Earthworm Jim cartoon spawned out of the popularity of its respective games in 1995 after Earthworm Jim 2 had already been released. It aired two seasons totaling 23 episodes on the Kids’ WB Network through December 1996.

Our hero, Jim, is a lowly earthworm who is suddenly transformed into a superhero when a super suit falls from space and crushes him. Each episode of the show finds evil villains, such as Psy-Crow, Bob the Killer Goldfish, or Professor Monkey-for-a-head, trying to steal the suit from Jim or just generally causing havoc around the universe.

The character design and personality from the games translates well to more adventures presented in the cartoon, but we couldn’t help but feel that perhaps the small screen version of Earthworm Jim skewed too young. There’s lots of shouting and over the top absurdity that feels more like the darker humor of the game or something trying to reach out for attention.

Well known voice actors Dan Castellaneta, Jeff Bennett, Jim Cummings, Kath Soucie, and others lend their voices to the show as some of the central repeating characters. The animation is solid and the one-liners plentiful as what you’d expect from a WB show akin to Animaniacs.

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Big news!

+Brad Chmielewski and I launched a Patreon page to help support our weekly cartoon podcast +Toon Talk Weekly

We plan to continue to do our normal weekly show, in addition to some extra content with your support! Check out the page over at to find out more details.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the show thus far and we look forward to doing more in the very near future! Cheers!

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Check out our newest episode of +Toon Talk Weekly on the awesome pilot to "Niko and the Sword of Light." 

From interactive comic book on mobile devices straight to this cartoon, the design, voice acting, and animation are just stellar!
Toon Talk Weekly - Episode 082 - "Niko and the Sword of Light"

In episode 82 of +Toon Talk Weekly+Jake Williams and +Brad Chmielewski discuss the eternal battle of light vs dark and watch the pilot episode of “Niko and the Sword of Light.”

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Niko and the Sword of Light popped up in my Twitter feed as a project that was being Kickstarted over a year ago and now has a pilot as part of Amazon’s winter 2015 lineup. The original concept and stories of Niko were presented as an interactive comic available on iPad. In it, the artists put together an animated panel by panel story that allows a user to click through animated scenes instead of just still frames.

The pilot for Niko is truly something special. The show, definitely aimed at a younger audience, has a wonderful world of creatures, locations, and worlds to explore that is only briefly touched upon in this single episode. By the end of the episode Brad and I both wondered what other lands and monstrous creatures would we come across on the journey with Niko and potentially his friends.

With only one episode to watch of the series right now, you really don’t have any reason NOT to watch it, so we recommend you check it out. We can’t wait to see what Studio NX and Imaginism do to bring more stories of Niko and the Sword of Light to life in animated form!

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