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Just realized that Google+ is so much easier to use on my phone than Facebook. Really, the only reason I don't use it more is because no one else does. Anyone else really wish there was a great Facebook to Google+ exodus?

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Awesome project on kickstarter - turns a classroom into a giant role playing game!  I would've loved this when I was in school.  I just had to back this one, because it seems like has really motivated the students that have used it so far!

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Some of my latest favorite browser games.

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Here's my entire #GW2 Beta screenshot folder, if anyone's interested. Tried out all the available races, and several of the classes. My human mesmer was definitely my favorite - so much fun! Can't wait until the game is released!!!
Guild Wars 2 Beta (73 photos)
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One Guild Wars 2 character for each race...Charr Elementalist, Human Mesmer, Norn Guardian. Such an awesome game! Beta is super fun so far!!! Look me up on Deldrimar if you're on. 8D
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I changed my blog to a more simplistic style. What do you think?

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Haven't blogged in awhile! Felt inspired by my recent fitness plan...

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Having fun with the TERA beta. Look, it's priest-me on a pegasus!
Too bad the game is going to be pay-to-play...

Enjoying Google+ thanks to +Tim Loyer!
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