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Perfume Post: Gaultier Classique vs. Classique Intense
"This smells like my grandmother!" That's what my DH said when he first smelled Gaultier's Classique, from 1993 by Jacques Cavallier. Now my DH is from Eastern Europe, and he means this phrase as a high compliment. Florientals were well made and worn with p...

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Weekend Walkabout: Infrared Beach and an Owl Cactus???
Well, yeah, it's been a little weird here, I guess. But fear not, I always share the fun. Conversing, MRobb, mixed media  Back in the Jurassic when cameras were manually controlled and film was actually made of stuff that you had to develop and print with o...

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Weekend Walkabout: Let's Visit the Ant Farm!
Thanks to Alert Gardener Jim from Florida, we are going to learn more about ants today than might make us comfortable: Hello, fellow gardeners! We all know about ants herding and tending aphids for their nectar.
This work demonstrates that ants actively cu...

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February Perfume Post: Kenzo Flower and Olympic Orchids Sakura
There's a lot to be said about perfumes that smell nothing like anything in nature. At least, those that work. A hot synthetic mess is no fun to wear and even less fun to smell. But when "unearthly" or "unreal" is part of the brief, some amazing perfumes ar...

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A wonderful documentary about my favorite artist!

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Goodbye, Crazy 2016, and Hello 2017!
2016 was one crazy year. For quiet gardeners, even. Just a few highlights from the garden: Unprecedented heat. Exceptional aridity. Then TS Hermine. TS Julia. Hurricane Matthew. And much worse for people living on the islands, especially Haiti and
Cuba, an...

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Bloomin' Schwantesia and a New Soul Window
So just before the sun illuminates this little Schwantesia, the bud of its single flower is still closed- most photos show the full bloom, but here it is in the moments just before.... Schwantesia ready to bloom at dawn, and a Soul Hand. MRobb 2016 And behi...

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It's the Bloomin' Holidays Again!
Yup, it's winter, and that's when Mammillaria and some mesembs love to bloom. Both have already bloomed this year (Mammillaria all the time, it seems, and Schwantesia in April). They just can't help it! Several orchids just finished blooming, too. Mammillar...

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Weekend Walkabout: Zen Gardens, Part II
Alert Gardener Andrew is posting on gardens and Zen, and Zen Gardens, today! Accompanying his post are photos I recently took at the Morikami Japanese Gardens in Florida. Zen Gardens Part II: I have seen this expression used in reference to different

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Mishmash Monday: Odds and Ends
I finished a really fun watercolor class with Helen Wheatley today. I am, or was, watercolor-phobic. A great friend of mine from my teen years was an exquisite watercolorist, and I've always dodged the medium because I felt I could never measure up to her. ...
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