SEMS highlights in 2016 (sorted by month in the year, JAN-DEC ;-)):

(1) My visit to the group of +Claudine Chaouiya (, trying to make SED-ML work out for logical models. Very nice & friendly group, and Lisbon is a very nice city as well! The coffee is remarkable - and it can be enjoyed outside in the sun, in February! (No coffee pic, but the SED-ML proposal!)

(2) We (that is +Martin Scharm, +Pedro Mendes, +Olaf Wolkenhauer) made an ontology of types of differences between model versions: COMODI It lets us characterise the changes identified by BiVeS, which is great, because

(3) within SEMS, we had a couple of hackthon-like meetings to get together a website that knows all BioModels (SBML) and all CellML models from PMR2 in all publicly available versions, and generates some figures on the changes occurring. We called it MOST (Model statistics, the name was set when we thought we were doing statistics ;-)). A prototype runs here: (work with +Martin Scharm, +Martin Peters, +Vasundra Toure, Andrea Bagnacani, and Tom Gebhardt)

(4) The SED-ML Web Tools are finally published (took a few years to write the manuscript)! I was happy to join the friendly paper writing team, with +Frank Bergmann, +David Nickerson and +Martin Scharm. Paper accepted with BIOINFORMATICS, so far, read the preprint @ +PeerJ

(5) The year ended with the RSG congress in Luxembourg ( and I not only enjoyed the pub! But also the active meeting (lots of questions), nice discussions and career opportunities with startup companies :-) I would like to mention my co-talk with +Anna Zhukova on standards and model reusability: and Thanks, Anna!

That's it for 2016 - let's see what 2017 brings :) Happy New Science Year.
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