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Ethics question. A person in this room of 20 people killed 50 people with a blast. You have no way to decipher who it is without interrogating everyone extensively. Do you let everyone walk or interrogate everyone?

I don't have the best fashion sense, but I know that lawn chairs with holders built in look a bit odd. Have a little quick applying wrap which attaches to the arm holding a drink.

Being that it is planting season, a lot of people are moving around plants and soil. I would imagine most people with trucks don't mind getting their trucks dirty. But people with smaller cars might think otherwise. Have a blanket with attaches to the back seat top via Velcro and to the bottom via Velcro, perfect for dirty items or perhaps muddy children.

Who is the defendant in reparation cases?

Have a level which attaches via straps with an outspringing mirror which allows reading of the level from a distance. You could read it while manipulating the board on the other end.

I am guessing no, but I was wondering if there any planets with their cores being lighter than other sections of the planet?

Who is the plaintiff in reparation cases?

A wrist clip which holds a light bulb(s). Take it off and then it contracts around the base of the light fixture, making changing high up light bulbs a breeze.

Should extinct animals be recreated through DNA methods? I was thinking animals like Dodos.

I was curious if there was a name for this tactic. Give a slightly harder question, feeder the audience the answer slightly, making them feel smart, but at the same winning their influence as you made them feel smart.
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