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Yesterday, I visited Stern Pinball in Chicago; the last place on Earth where pinballs are still being made. Thanks to Jody for the tour and allowing me to take photos!
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This is great. Do they have a demo room where prospective buyers can try their latest pins? I never did happen upon their recent Dark Knight game anywhere.
+Jason Mull, they had a little demo room with four machines; you can see a bit of it in the last two photos.
Hi Marcin, just send you an email, hoping you have receive it if not well saying you are a great photographer, keep the great work!

A. J.
Pretty awesome pictures, thanks for sharing how those machines are made. :)
Fantastic photos, Marcin. PS: Stern's not 'quite' the last place on earth making pins. Google "Wizard of Oz pinball" and you'll see an amazing machine coming out from Stern's new competitor - "Jersey Jack". A lot of us pinball fans are really looking forward to that game.
I think you need to ship something in volume to be classified as a pinball manufacturer. Let’s not jump the gun prematurely and jinx it. :·)
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