Easter eggs in the Lem doodle (spoilers!) – www.google.pl?hl=en:

· The brick that falls out from the first robot when it explodes is a brick drawn by Lem himself. (Everything else is drawn from scratch by +Sophia Foster-Dimino inspired by the style of Daniel Mróz.)

· The wave in the second level spells something in binary/ASCII.

· Some of the eyes of the monster (Pugg) in the second level will follow your mouse – unless, of course, you are on a tablet (I agonized a lot about it. Eyes following a mouse pointer is such a cliché.)

· Clicking on the bird makes it fly elsewhere (if it’s allowed at that moment).

· Clicking on the cat will make it go away. It will eventually go away on its own, but hey, you didn’t really expect to be able to control a cat, right?

· After some time of inactivity, the bird might sit on your mouse pointer.

· In the second level, you can see an actual Polish scientific satellite LEM flying in the background.

· If you finish the doodle twice, at the third time you will see something extra in the finale, based on another story we didn’t have time to squeeze into the doodle.

· There are different N items depending on how many times you played the game, and which language you’re using.

And below you will find various iterations of the first robot UI:
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