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Easter eggs in the Lem doodle (spoilers!) –

· The brick that falls out from the first robot when it explodes is a brick drawn by Lem himself. (Everything else is drawn from scratch by +Sophia Foster-Dimino inspired by the style of Daniel Mróz.)

· The wave in the second level spells something in binary/ASCII.

· Some of the eyes of the monster (Pugg) in the second level will follow your mouse – unless, of course, you are on a tablet (I agonized a lot about it. Eyes following a mouse pointer is such a cliché.)

· Clicking on the bird makes it fly elsewhere (if it’s allowed at that moment).

· Clicking on the cat will make it go away. It will eventually go away on its own, but hey, you didn’t really expect to be able to control a cat, right?

· After some time of inactivity, the bird might sit on your mouse pointer.

· In the second level, you can see an actual Polish scientific satellite LEM flying in the background.

· If you finish the doodle twice, at the third time you will see something extra in the finale, based on another story we didn’t have time to squeeze into the doodle.

· There are different N items depending on how many times you played the game, and which language you’re using.

And below you will find various iterations of the first robot UI:
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Marcin, fantastic work, congrats! Now I sit here with a big grin on my face :)
Very cool! One strange bit, I ran through the animation and game three times and did not see anything different... did I miss something? Thanks!
Thank you, everyone.

+Damian Ball, +January Weiner, it wouldn’t be an easter egg if it wasn’t easy to miss. :·) Your browser must support HTML5 Web Storage, though – if you see fast forward button in the lower right corner during cutscenes, it means it does and then you should just look carefully at one of the scaffoldings when Trurl meets Klapaucjusz for the first time.
I love it! It's my favourite Lem story. We should make NOTHING all the day today :-)
Seriously - thanks for that Lemoodle :-) Made my day, has a chance to make my week :-)
+January Weiner - maybe more :-), but my favourite is about machine which makes NOTHING. I would like also to keep it not only in mind. Real pleasure! [Ja chcę jeszcze!!!]
It is a fantastic work of art, thank you very much, this demonstrates love, talent and in general wondeful individulas, thanks very much!
Komandorze Wichura - szacunek :))
I believe the binary/ASCII wave spells out "Lem," if I'm not mistaken.
К сожалению, мой броузер Сафари не смог завершить игру. Я прошёл через второй этап, и затем застыл на месте. Я очень хотел видеть конец...
Amazing art! Amazing concept! I had a great time :)
Applauds to everyone responsible.
Great work! Is there a mirror available to see it still? I want to show it off and it seems to have vanished from the net.
Please say there's a mirror - the drawing is beautiful, and Lem is one of my favorite authors! I wasn't able to see it this morning - I always miss stuff. That's the worst part of being in the US Pacific time zone...
Kolega wczoraj nie widział i nie grał i bardzo żałuje. Czy jest lub będzie gdzieś tego kopia?
Great! One word stands for a million tiny thx: LEM!!!
I missed this yesterday :( I gave it a try and found it fantastic but neeeded to work, and came back today earlier found it's gone...
any way to play it again? LOOOOOOOOTS THX
I'm desperate to get a look at the code behind this, missed it live. Anybody know if/where the source is available?
Absolutnie fantastyczne! Wybór klasycznej Cyberiady na piątkę! Szkoda tylko że z Lemem jest w Polsce jak z Papieżem. Wszyscy wiedzą że sławny Polak, że dużo napisał, że czcić należy ale co dokładnie napisał to już nieliczni wiedzą... :(

Kiedy doodle z Ijonem Tichym? :P
I have decoded the signal. It is "LEM" (all uppercase) in ASCII code. Great idea, thanks!
is there way to play it again
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