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What Originally Drew People to the IBM Midrange Platform, and What Will it Take To Do That Again?
As I spend my normal 20 minutes after a busy day looking through Linked In posts and comments that LI thinks I'm interested in, I see a lot of the same thing. Bickering.  Fighting.  Self-Righteousness. So, I thought I'd spend just a few more minutes penning...

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Is Net 90 The New Norm for Payment (or, Are Small Businesses Now Banks?)
I've been running my small business now for over 20 years.  One thing I'm finding is that payment terms are changing... changing in the sense that the customer is making their own rules. The main trend seems to be customers setting their own payment terms. ...

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IBM i Legacy Modernization and the RPG Programmer
There has always been a lot of talk about "Modernization" in the IBM i community.   With all the new technologies in the world, some becoming available to the IBM i, there's no shortage of subject matter. Most of this legacy modernization in the IBM i world...

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When Product Support Becomes Education
I've been an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for over 20 years now providing IT solutions for the IBM i community (known previously as the AS/400, iSeries, System i, etc).   As with any product or solution, support is one of the biggest selling points, an...

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Nexus State Sales and Income Taxes - Taxation Without Representation?
Recently my small business (which is located only in Minnesota) was
audited by the state of Wisconsin to see if my company has "nexus" in
their state. What is "nexus"?  No, not a mobile device from Google ... According to the Supreme Court of the United S...

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Internet Sales Tax Bills, Nexus, and Everything else Wrong with the World.
  This was in response to this post: States are already forcing small out of state businesses without a "real nexus" to collect and pay sales tax on their sales.   Can we...

Think the internet is slow now?  Just wait until July 29th... Windows 10 download day.  

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States are already forcing small out of state businesses without a "real nexus" to collect and pay sales tax on their sales.   Can we find a list of these states... nope.  We just wait for the letter from the state with a questionnaire and let them decide if they feel we have nexus in their state or not.

For some states, that simply means the very fact that someone from their state purchased something from you, you have nexus.  Pretty convenient... for the state, but not for the small business owner.

If a federal law is passed that makes this process "easy" it may be a better thing.  

Or it may be moot as it seems state laws override federal laws.

There are too many pundits making comments on these things vs those of us that are being affected by the already outrageous state laws that override the rulings of the SCOTUS and defining "nexus" in a way that suits them best.  Not in a way that encourages small business.

When a state such a Wisconsin sees that individuals and companies in their state are not claiming sales and use tax on items they purchase from out of state, they then go after the companies that sold it to them.  

Ask me how I know.  Ask me if it's fair.  Ask me if after paying thousands of dollars in taxes, penalties and accountant fees how I really feel.   Then ask me if I get to vote in Wisconsin.  Nope.

Which brings me to a bigger point.  The entire tax code itself has turned into a 10000 headed monster that is just too complex.

Something needs to change.  And pundits, politicians, organizers and lawyers on either side of the fence that have never worked a real job or ran a real business are NOT the people we should be electing.

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