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Okay so a couple weeks on G+ and I am not certain I like it. I like it for my photographer friends who are sharing their latest and greatest pics... Those are cool. But then I am getting random parc and lots of it from one person. I'm thinking, why? What is this for? It has nothing to do with anything. And it's all random.

Enlighten me, what is the full purpose of G+ for you personally?

Atheistically it's not pleasing. It feels like a bulky Christmas sweater I have to wear for a time but I can't wait to take off. Maybe I just haven't found it's real purpose yet... hmmm...
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You can remove that one person from your circles or mute them so you don't see all their posts. I love the hangouts; I'm able to connect with so many writers and get a lot of feedback on WIPs. I like the less-convoluted layout and ease of posting things.
Okay, I must not be looking in the right places... cuzz the "ease of posting" thing is lost on me. When I post on FB its just a click and all my feed sees. Here I have to choose which circles or public and it doesn't seem like folks are taking advantage of that! Because this one person is in a certain circle and she/he is posting all sorts of non related junk. I might have to find the mute button ;)
I have set up different reading circles as well as posting circles. I seldom read my entire stream dumped together. People who post too many things I don't care about get moved to broadcast-only circles... I can talk to them and they still see they're in my circles, but I only look at their updates if I'm seriously bored.
And, yeah, there is always going to be the problem of people not using their circles the way readers want then too. You could try a gently worded message too the person about it... Or not. I tend to avoid confrontation myself.
I hoping for a single system where many shared interest communities can be built. Currently there is so much fragmentation of online forums and message boards and I would really like one site with unified login, management, notifications etc. for discussing my interests with others. So far it has been slow, but a few G+ groups are starting to build momentum.
If someone is posting crap you don't want to see, don't follow them. Don't make it so complicated.
I like the concept of G+ but I'm not entirely sure I get it yet.
I'm not sure I'm liking it either. Plus I have more family and friends who already use facebook. For instance my mil who it took us almost 3 years to use facebook isn't going to change and I"m not posting things there for her and here for everyone else.
I'm loving it so far. I can post pictures to my family and friends, and I can post "please help with my logline!" to writers and get feedback so much easier than on Twitter. Blog posts can post public, rants about work can be private to one person, or three people, or whoever I want. And if my stream gets too messy I can delete people, or only view a certain circle of friends (I have a circle called INBOX where I put the people whose posts I absolutely don't want to miss!). I've already used this for so much more than I could have on FB or Twitter. I love it <3
I'm very interested to see where it all goes (in the long term)... but I'm with Icy.. I like the concept but still feel lost. And I am with Annette in the fact that 300plus family members are on facebook. Some of them are 75+ years old. I don't think they are making the switch ;)
For me its not an either/or. I am not dropping fb because of family who won't know what g+ is until sometime in 2012. Or because its still the go to for many of my online friends. But I will stick with this and see where it goes because for me, g+ is an extension to the social media reach now available to me. 
This post with some comments may help to explain some of the benefits of G+ over Facebook:

As for the aesthetics of G+, I can't disagree more. I like the cleaner design. Just about every website starts out this way and then gets filled with a bunch of junk. FB had a clean look about 5 years ago. Now, it is filled with junk that gets in the way. Over the years Google has actually kept their pages clean. The few things they add, don't get in the way. Example, in the past 15 years, Google's search page still just has a search box, a daily logo, a few small buttons for Advanced Search, etc., and now has a banner at the top of the screen.
I just use it to keep up with my friends who aren't on Facebook. That's all!
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