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I very rarely post anywhere anymore, and even less on here. 

I should probably try and adjust that, but with fewer spoons and even less getting about now that my mobility scooter is dying (if not dead, anyone wanna buy me a nice new power chair , plus tow package and ramprack thingy for 4 grand?), I can't really make any promises.

I am hoping to have some help while Ardyn is in the UK in November, but if not, I suspect there may be more posting, since I will be stuck at home.

Check out my Vault! Since Ardyn will be interested.

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Seriously cool and seriously creative. I adore his tutorials, all very well detailed. He is also happy to help out by email, or recommend a workaround if you just don't have something to complete one of his patterns.   Highly highly recommend him!

So, for those of you not on my other social media...

Our Muus cat was very sick and losing weight drastically as well as being obviously dehydrated. The wee wyfe made the decision to take him into the Vet ER last night, and was told that it was the correct decision, it would not have been pretty had we waited any longer.

After a big gulp at the money, and a lot of fearful crying on my part, we authorized nearly a grand worth of tests to make sure it was pancreatitus, which has a really good pronogsis and not somehting major enough that we would have to choose to put him to sleep because we just couldn't pay out anymore.

It is pancreatitus, and while he has a longer term issue of either inflamed bowel or small cell lymphoma of the bowel, the treatment for all is just prednisone, which doesn't cost much, and is far easier on him and us than a lot of other possibilites.

So, facing a huge vet bill, in addition to the van repairs, we were squeaking tight, but it was all going to be ok. Just requiring a lot of caution with money and  quite a few ramen lunches and lentil meals.

One of our best beloved chosen family just called our vet and paid the balance due on the vet bill, this means all we have to cover is the prednisone and the deposit we already paid.

Another of our beloveds is meeting us for a coffee date when we are in (all pre-paid hotel and show tickets, so we couldn't cancel the trip to snag more money) SF.

We are so lucky. The van will have both back side doors functioning and an a/c with new brakes, the cat wil be a lot happier once he gets home than he has been in a week and we can afford to go buy groceries, although we are still going to have to be careful about it.

I love my chosen family, my beloveds, I have been so lucky in love the last few years.

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Titus and his housemates could really use a helping paw/hand. If you've got a spare buck, please consider tossing them in this pot.

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Take a look, I think it an interesting proposition.
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