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Teal Burrell
Science writer. Neuroscience nerd. Avid marathoner. Enthusiastic baker.
Science writer. Neuroscience nerd. Avid marathoner. Enthusiastic baker.

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Abs of Mush... And More Doctors
Postpartum is a high-risk time for injury. I’m trying my
best to stay healthy: build back up slowly, eat right… and sleep…? (Riiiight...
Well, I’m doing what I can.) Normally that routine would also include core workouts and
yoga. A strong core helps preven...

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A New Starting Line
To answer the unknowns from the last post , my longest race to date started eight weeks ago (four days later than estimated) and ended with one hell of a finisher’s medal . The short version of the race report : I labored an ultra’s length of time and pushe...

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Preparing for the Race of Undetermined Distance on an Unknown Date
Imagine trying to get ready for a race you don’t know the date of. There’s a roughly four-week window that it’s most likely to happen, but it could also come before then. How would you prepare? Maybe you’d be totally 100% ready at the beginning of that wind...

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One Year Later, One Month Left
One year ago, I was lining up for the Olympic freaking Trials . Now, eight months pregnant, I feel like that was another lifetime ago. Did I really do that? I am still running shuffling a few days a week, but—while I realize cutting back/slowing down/stoppi...

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Happy 2017! What better way to move on from 2016 than by looking ahead to… 2020? So get your goal books ready: the standards for the next Olympic Marathon Trials have been set. Well, mostly. At the annual meeting last month, USATF set the B standards to be ...

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Pregnant Race Report - Richmond Half Marathon
Months ago, when I was hiding my reasons  for not putting together a racing schedule for the summer and fall, I tried to take some of the pressure off by announcing my plan to run the Richmond Half Marathon . I was moving to Richmond , it made perfect sense...

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Halfway: The Peebody Awards
This week, I’m 20 weeks, officially halfway through the pregnancy. Of course, I can’t help but compare  pregnancy to a marathon. (If—instead of a full body collapse into a vat of fries and ice cream—marathons ended with the not-so-trivial responsibility of ...

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The First Trimester: Fear and Secrets in the Empty Room
Twelve weeks in is when many people choose to reveal their
pregnancies. The reason is largely due to the risk of miscarriage; it drops from
about 20% in the first few weeks to 3% after twelve weeks. (Bumps also become
much harder to hide around the same tim...

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Trying Time
This past spring, whenever I went to CVS for a pregnancy
test or prenatal vitamins, my receipt included a coupon for tampons. (Other
purchases warranted different coupons.) “Nope,” said CVS with a sneer. “No baby
this month.” It was like a slap in the face....

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A New Challenge
Back in March, fresh off the Trials, I talked about what’s next : many more miles in an attempt to make the 2020 Trials. But I also
mentioned the possibilities of new challenges and curveballs along the way. And
while I certainly can’t anticipate what all o...
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