This may be of interest to +Ted Salmon​​

I've recently been diagnosed with "upper limb disorder" more commonly known as RSI. It has resulted from too many years of bad posture hunched over a keyboard​ and mouse.

I've switched to a trackball, raised my monitor and spend several hours standing instead of sitting. The combination seems to be paying off.

I tried placing a platform on my normal desk but the hassle of switching meant that it fell out of use. The IKEA sit/stand desk being powered is easier to switch and therefore gets used in standing mode more of the time.

In relation to Julie's recommendation of a wedge cushion, my office chair has a seat and back that tilt at different rates (but in sync) so that when I lean forward to the keyboard the seat tilts down but the back remains upright. Leaning back levels the seat but allows the back to recline. The backrest itself has a natural S curve to match the spine and is long enough to support my head (I'm 6'2"). The padding on the chair is also quite firm but is anatomically shaped so it is both supportive and comfortable.

Neither the desk or chair were cheap, but what price health?
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