I am blown away with the Zhiyun Smooth Q, this is my first attempt playing with a camera gimbal and while I clearly need to work on my technique, for the price, this thing is amazing.

I had decided that I should start taking more videos of my boy to record his life as he grows. As I'm 6'2" my eye level is never a satisfactory viewpoint and as he seems to be in continual motion stooping to his level is both painful and results in very wobbly footage. Mounting the gimbal onto a monopod allowed me to get down to a low angle while remaining upright and then to do the cool looking "crane shot" where you raise the camera high over head to look down on the subject.

There are three modes built in that are selected by the touch of a button, "pan tracking" fixes the vertical but smoothly follows your movement as you pan. "Lock" keeps the camera pointing in the same direction regardless of your movement. "Full follow" adds vertical following so that you can point the camera wherever you want side to side and up and down but the motion is smoothed out for you. There is a joystick on the grip that, depending on mode, allows you to control the "fixed" axis e.g. in "pan follow" you would use the joystick to make the camera point down for a high angle or point up for a low angle.

When you use the phone app it adds further tricks such as "subject tracking". This as easy as enabling the mode and drawing a box on the screen around the thing to be tracked, early experiments seem to show that it works really well. Also in the app is motion timelapse that allows you to record a number of points and the gimbal will automatically transition from one to another for you.

The battery life is claimed to be 12 hours but can be topped up from a powerbank while in use or it can be used as a powerbank to charge your phone. Pretty impressive for under £130.

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