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Hi all,

In the past few days, I've been working hard on moving Disa to a plugin system. Disa is no longer affiliated with the WhatsAPINet project - that's an entirely separate project run by Vlad Ivanov (can't find his tag >.<). Disa is merely a host - and these plugins (which are seperate APKs) are downloaded externally for static web pages (i.e hosting provided by Google Drive). There is then a Plugin Updater which will keep Disa's current version in sync with the plugin builds (effectively safe guarding you from plugins breaking). The Plugin Updater will prompt you to update your plugins whenever Disa updates (via the Play Store).

As you can see in the images below, you simply scan a barcode, which then prompts you to download the plugin. Once the plugin is downloaded, you're asked to install it. When the installation completes, Disa then restarts, and the plugin becomes available in the All Services list (when you add a new service). That's all there is too it - the last picture illustrates the updater mechanism in place to keep these plugins in sync with Disa's updates.

The update will roll out in 0.3.2 in the next few days - along with other new features, such as the completed Notification Overhaul and the Battery Saving Mode.

Emoji keyboard has been delayed to 0.3.3.

Special thanks to +Pol Kuijken and +Paul Dhaliwal for their hard work on overhauling the UI - yes, it's coming soon! And also, +Francois L-S+Stephen Bain, +Akshay Ogra for their hard work on aggregating the community & providing support.

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Jake- This looks fantastic. Thanks for providing a great app, set to solve a huge problem. 
Is it wise to publicly announce the maintainer of the WhatApp plugin? Will legal be able to shut him down too?
+Jake Dynogic Will the whats app plugin be available on Google Drive by the time 0.3.2 is released? Will there be a downtime for What's app on Disa wherein, we will be forced to go back to Whatsapp official app if we upgrade to 0.3.2?
+Jake Dynogic I'm still using Disa with active WhatsApp service and it's being working fine. Is it normal? 
Will there be a disa api for linking in plugins from third party developers? So we can spread the workload from people looking to contribute?
Yes my friends... this is what I call truly ground breaking sh!t ;-)
Cihat A
Awesome, keep up the good work! 
Any word on .3.2? Looking forward to it so much! I love Disa :)
Would plugins be able to use Push Cloud Messaging our there well be battery issues?
+Peter Blanco .3.2 end of this week beginning of next. We are testing now. Lots of framework, layout, battery saving, and notification changes.

.3.3 will be emoji keyboard

... Facebook plugin will come one or two updates after that.
Where could we find the WhatsApp plugin? Maybe link users to the plugins when they click the cloud button instead of have them search the web? 
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