Hi all,

WhatsApp's legal has asked us to remove WhatsApp from Disa. It will be removed. The website http://www.disa.im is currently down as I still need to remove "all traces" of the WhatsApp trademark. 

In the next few days, Disa will be temporarily removed from the Play Store (WhatsApp is quite persistent on destroying "all traces"). We will then readapt Disa to support dynamic loading of services that will be created by the community (a.k.a third party plugins) (the effort here actually isn't that significant - Disa was written with this in mind from the start).

Disa will then only ship with a base install of SMS/MMS support (what you will download from the Play Store), and then users will have the ability to add in third party plugins (similar to how Miranda.im works).

Max is still working hard on Facebook. His work is very close to being completed, and I will soon start writing a Disa plugin for it.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience. It's been a fantastic month seeing something I loved working on in my summer months become so well adopted amongst the community.

To the plugin system we go!

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