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Hi all,

WhatsApp's legal has asked us to remove WhatsApp from Disa. It will be removed. The website http://www.disa.im is currently down as I still need to remove "all traces" of the WhatsApp trademark. 

In the next few days, Disa will be temporarily removed from the Play Store (WhatsApp is quite persistent on destroying "all traces"). We will then readapt Disa to support dynamic loading of services that will be created by the community (a.k.a third party plugins) (the effort here actually isn't that significant - Disa was written with this in mind from the start).

Disa will then only ship with a base install of SMS/MMS support (what you will download from the Play Store), and then users will have the ability to add in third party plugins (similar to how Miranda.im works).

Max is still working hard on Facebook. His work is very close to being completed, and I will soon start writing a Disa plugin for it.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience. It's been a fantastic month seeing something I loved working on in my summer months become so well adopted amongst the community.

To the plugin system we go!

Supported Services. Currently, there is full support for WhatsApp and SMS/MMS. There is planned support for Facebook, Google Hangouts, Kik, and Steam. Stay tuned! Screenshot. Unified Conversations. Talk to the same friend on different services? You can easily merge all their conversations into ...
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perhaps you could have talks with whatsapp so you could officially add them in? would donate if whatsapp would do this...
Seriously, thank you for all your hard work. It is not unappreciated. Set up some sort of donate system, and I would happily buy you a pizza sometime.
Damn! Thats really unfortunate! 

^ Yeah, is it possible to pay a licensing fee via a paid plug-in? 

I'd be all up for a pizza purchase as well, /r/randomactsofpizza style. 
Completely agree with +Nathan Hohsfield. Thank you for hard work! 

I will implement WhatsApp as a third party plugin when you release your plugin system.
+Albert Qiu doubt it.

To all who want to donate - hold on to your money for the time being. I'll be happy to take donations when I'm satisfied with Disa.

The Disa team itself cannot be involved in any Whatsapp work on our end.  

That being said...  The framework has been built pretty simple for plug-ins.  We will continue to offer what we can to make this the best app it can be with what we are allowed to offer.  

We cannot control every plug-in... what you guys do with the app plug-ins or future creations thereof is not our liability.   

We will only be offering a framework that is open to you (like the first foundation block of a building you will build on).  SMS/MMS will come standard with the app as stated in the initial post above. 


Thank You for all your support and patience with this app in its alpha stage.  This app is not, and cannot, only be managed by this team.  You as a community are a part of its creation as many of you have helped with the layouts, ideas, and implementations.  We hope you continue to enjoy this process as we all work together.  
Out of curiosity will this change in implementation affect the possibility of tablet/pc interface?
Thats why I stopped using whatsapp no official api everything is closed. I stopped since the dev of tablet talk told me: I wish I could create a whatsapp plugin for you but I cant.
Anyway Ill use disa because I think its a great app and im sure you will implement new feautures and services. Keep going guys! 
This is terrible! !!! I've been wanting a unified chat app with WhatsApp, now its gone. :(((
  +Nathan Durand   We cannot control what plugins you create or do not create once the Disa app is available to you. We will offer a stable app/framework to the Disa community.  What you or anyone do with third party applications or plugins we cannot control or take liability. 

Thank You for your participation & support in this community.
So you're not able to release what you've already done with WhatsApp?
+Jake Dynogic will this mean that we will lose our current whatsapp conversations in the next update? Any way of saving/exporting them somehow? 
One of the best and usefull app in the store, sorrow...
Jokes on them because I'll just stop using whatsapp then. I've got most of my family onto hangouts and a lot of my friends are changing over too. I still used it while it was so convenient in disa but I don't think I'll reinstall it. The last thing I want is another messaging app. Thanks for all your hard work! Disa is still going to be fantastic. 
There isn't a way to be officially supported by whatsapp? If you do something like a contract for their partnership will be cool...

Is there a solution possible? What about paying them a small fee per user using their infrastructure? That way we can buy tokens to activate WhatsApp in Disa.
Well that did't win them any popularity points in my book, that's for sure. Looks like now I have extra reason to try to convince the few of my friends that use WhatsApp to ditch it. 

Full support for the Disa devteam! Great work lads
Well, sorry to hear that. Without Whatsapp, Disa is almost useless for me :/ Liked it so far, but I need Whatsapp...
Noooo... :/
I will be using it anyway because it's the greatest app ever! :)
Keep up the great work Disa Team!
Well, goodbye guys. It was good while it lasted. 
Whatsapp is my main service so i'm also hoping for someone to create a plugin for it, otherwise... :S
hmmm ... disappointing news ... i hate whatsapp for that ... but still i have to use it because all my friends do ... fucking life

maybe we all can bring something like a petetion to whatsapp in ... maybe they will change their minds then

but great work till now ... althought now the app is useless to me 
I understand they see Disa as competition but they had the opportunity to make WhatsApp what Disa is trying to become a long time ago. 
Any word on SMS through google voice ? 
+Robert Hicks There are many plugins that others in the community may make, but facebook, hangouts & Google voice support are the only ones on The Disa Project "to do list" right now.

Facebook is first in line... +Max Kovaljov will have the first part of it ready in a few days! 👍

Stay tuned!
Frustrating news. Can't wait for the plugins 
That was no surprise, as for the legal notice to whatsapp+ as well. That's why I was waiting for hangout to be integrated first.

But now hangout has been updated and has better ui than any other app out there.

So, no thanks. Ain't nobody got time for just another app. 
+Marc Westermann Stability is always priority for us, so we'll aim to achieve perfect hangouts messaging function first... After that... If the source code is available for video chat... Why not add it... Right?

+Jake Dynogic will keep you posted on the plugin progresses when we reach hangouts. 
+Jake Dynogic Great work, and I really would like to thank you for your efforts. Your concept is really great, hope you get those issues resolved quickly so that you can continue with your truly amazing app. 
I was hoping that there can be some plugins for integrating with other messenger clients like ebuddy-xms and viber. (Not demanding, just requesting)
We will have to wait until then, thank you. Your UI is significantly better. 
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