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- Communicate with Dolphin Browser Product Team directly and become part of product improvement plan
- Be the first to try latest product: get notified in real time when latest beta version is available
- Post your feature request,complains, basically anything you want to say after trying beta version
- Discuss and communicate with Dolphin Fans community
- Safe and secured downloads from Google Play Store
- You can leave the test any time you want
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+Quan Yuan can some body tell me was the differents between the version 10.0.3 to the beta version 10.0.4 because i don't want to change if there's going to be issues because i noticed a lot of people having some problems
+elberth hernandez Dolphin 10.0.4 Beta
What's New
★ 21 languages support
★ Tab list animation optimization
★ Dolphin Home Edit support
★ Stability improvement - cache to SD, crash bugs
★ Fixed a critical bug
Everytime new features are added, problems might come along. That's why we hope you can join our beta test to provide your feedback, and help us make it better :) Thanks!
google search sugestions doesnt work anymore, why? Im on nexus 10 stock 4.3.
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