The Rear View Mirror on Google+: 5 Top Stories From Last Week's Unfiltered Orange Newsletter

Each week Orange Legal Technologies' Unfiltered Orange Weekly E-Discovery Update provides readers with a trusted compilation of key public domain eDiscovery news, views and events. With over 8,000 stories shared since 2008, Unfiltered Orange has become a primary resource for many legal and technology professionals as they seek to keep up-to-date on the ever changing eDiscovery landscape.

Five top stories from last week's edition (September 5, 2012) are as follows:

1. Cross-Border eDiscovery Issues – An In-House Lawyers Update – (Mike Brown, Adam Page)

2. 7 Factors + 7 Factors = Cost Shifting and a “Win” for Defendants – (Catherine Kiernan)

3. eDiscovery: The Dying Art of Early Case Assessment – (Matthew Prewitt)

4. Got TAR? – (Craig Ball)

5. Applying Attorney-Client Privilege to Email Strings – (Andrew DeFalco)

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