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Trees and Branches: Logic Branching in Forms at the 2015 Oregon Summit, featuring Google for Education.

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Compton. Beastie Boys. Summertime. Ace Hood/Rick Ross. Channeling +Michael Wacker and +Corin Richards and +Laura Campagna. Funny timing. Happy weekend!

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So.... I just finished watching the Sound City documentary for the second time in one week. It's good. (Thanks, +Justin Wyatt.) It hooked both Connor and Miles tonight, too. It deserves a longer post, one that will wait in a queue with dozens of others waiting to be written. For now, watch it. It's on Hulu Plus.

I fell deeper in love with Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl—especially Dave Grohl—and yes eyeroll, Rick Springfield, too. And the music.... The drums. Johnny Cash's voice. And so on....

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I don't know how I had not seen this chapter of the Project Daniel story before today, so I'm extra thankful to +Molly Schroeder for her Living in Beta Keynote. #goosebumps   #gafesummit   #ny  

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Happy Friday. :)

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Leo: Smart watches are being banned from universities because they’re worried that kids are using them to study.
Larry: What?
Owen: You mean cheat on tests.
Leo: Oh cheat. Study, cheat, it’s a small difference.
Owen: Come on, Uncle Leo.
Leo: You study ahead of time, you cheat on the exam. Is that how it works? I’m studying during the exam, that’s all.
Devindra: So that’s the next thing universities are blocking, right? Because when I was in school, they didn’t allow us to have our laptops there during class. And that was like 10 years ago. And now probably everybody has their smartphones out probably taking notes on their smartphones.
Leo: Well they banned smartphones and so the next step of course is to ban smart watches.
Larry: What they need to do is change education so that you’re testing…
Leo: I agree!
Larry: Thinking as opposed to memorization. And then you can have all the smartphones you want. We already talked about that.
Leo: We talked about it, you’re absolutely right.
Larry: It’s crazy.


Catching up on podcasts during Spring Break....

Really enjoyed the dialogue around Title II, safer internet, learning to think, and the progression of connected education. +Larry Magid +Leo Laporte +TWiT
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