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Also known as LCDq8

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#Kuwait #Metro  
Just for those haters
Just for the extra haters, The metro will be done using B.O.T. which means private sector will do it for profit! I don't think the private sector will say no to profits :P

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Shagaya Solar Power Plant in my country "Kuwait".
Started construction 2014. first phase to enter the grid by mid 2016.
What do you guys think?
FYI: Since Kuwait is a small country the total electricity consumption is somewhere around 14-15GHW in peak hours.

Hello everyone
CMDR Lechiro here
I have a couple of questions if I may:
1- Do exploration data expire/be consumed? If I explore system A and sell the data to system B can I sell the same data to system C? (provided all are >20LY away)
2- Is there a way to move stored ships from a system to a system? I like to have multiple playstyles and I am frequently moving. do I have to sell and rebuy everytime i settle in a new system?
Thank you all in advance

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عما قريب اطلاق بودكاست سي كاست المتخصص بالتقنية.


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This is really amazing!
Sandking FTW
(bonus clip nice too!)
Dota 2 Top Plays Weekly - Ep. 80

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لقاء حصري مع شخصية نحبها انا وحسين و بيشو
Serious Sam 3 BFE: Headless Kamikaze - Screams of Glory

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LOL watch til the end
Dota 2 Creepy the Mega Creep

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