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Pat's new passport has arrived
and we are thankful. We have no plans to use it until October, but we can now book those flights to Munich for the International Churches' Pastors' Conference - with Glen Scrivener.

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Retreat! Retreat!
Well that was funny. I could see that it was raining a little before I even put my shoes on, but by the time I got to the corner of the vineyard it was clear that the rain was too heavy and that it was increasing. So I turned round, went home and ate my por...

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The French café, becoming extinct?
If you're a bit confused about cafés, bistrots, brasseries, restaurants, this won't help at all. There is a version of this film in English, too, below the French version. and in English:

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Excuse my French
Today the new "Excuse my French Café" was advertising a brunch at 8,50€, so I suggested an adventure to Mrs Davey and at about 12:30 we set off. Tram B is now repaired and all is well, so we hopped on the tram to take us to the Musée d'Aquitaine where we'd ...

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Those Antony Gormley statues
are everywhere. There's one perched right at the edge of the roof of the town hall building way up high above the city. A friend posed his children for a fake family foto with one, but you do have to position the kids carefully if you do that. Meanwhile:

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Works everywhere!
So it's the Grande Braderie, the long weekend at the end of the sales where there are stalls in the street, some selling end of line bargains from the shops behind, some selling varied ranges of clothes, toys, gadgets of varied quality at attractive prices....

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Tram B, Bus 15, Bus 24 ... oh boy oh boy oh boy
Last week poor tram B broke down NUMEROUS times. So this week they're working on the rails from Musée d'Aquitaine to Peixotto - a distance of some 5 km, it must be. This means that no buses or trams can pass through la Place de la Victoire, one of the hubs ...

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New trews!
Some time ago I got these new chinos, very racy (for me) a kind of terracotta colour. To me they were a daringly reddish colour. To anyone else in the whole world they're brown. Anyway, I have loved these trousers, but now the sun has faded them to a kind o...

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The threatened storm came,
set fire to a house in Saint-Médard and needed 30 calls to the emergency services to deal with fallen branches etc.

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When things come together
1)  ‘The degree to which people are self-absorbed is pretty shocking’: Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. in the Guardian 2) Blog posts that begin - the first words : "I have...", "I am...", "I am...", "I was...", "I'm going to...", from the front page of a popular ...
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