Today, many Singapore blogs especially (maybe other countries as well) using blogspot url platform by example: to , had encounter problems losing your SEO juices for both google page ranking or alexa ranking.
Don't panic,be calm ,catch your breath first &  read these carefully.
To solve this problem:
1) Go to your blog edit HTML  
2) Remember Back Up your template FIRST !
3)Find & paste this code before <head> in your :
(Best paste this code in your notepad first) 
<script type="text/javascript">
  var host = document.location.hostname;
  var path = document.location.pathname;
  var ext = host.substr(host.lastIndexOf('.'));
  if (ext != '.com') {
    var com = 'http://' + host.substr(0, host.indexOf('.'));
    com += '' + path;
4) Preview & Save Template.
5)Refresh your web blog again to view.
Hope this will help bloggers out there to retrieve back your  blog seo juices.
Please kindly share this info to help other bloggers in needs as well.
This is what gplus circles are for "share & care".Thank you !
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