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Ron Schwartz
VE3VN, located in FN24br, North Augusta, Ontario, Canada.
VE3VN, located in FN24br, North Augusta, Ontario, Canada.

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Tower Prep -- Almost (but not quite) Vertical
The big tower is still not up even though there has been a lot of activity . Consider this list of tasks I have been up to recently and you'll see why: Repairing tower sections Cleaning, scraping and repainting tower sections Making the first set of lower g...

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Computer Contest Logging in 1977
As this year's IARU Radiosport contest approaches my thoughts turn back to the very first one. It was in 1977, 40 years ago. As I recall how it came to be the ARRL had such great success with the one time running of the Bicentennial contest in July 1976 tha...

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The Price of Safety
I've been thinking lately about personal safety when it comes to hams and towers. It's come up on this blog from time to time. Too many hams are injured or killed pursuing the hobby we love. Many more come close to harm without really appreciating the preci...

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Planting the LR20 150' Guyed Tower
As I write this the foundation work for the LR20 150' tower is complete. Really complete. It has been a long road, one that began in November. At the time I planned and expected to have the tower ready to be raised before Christmas. As I mentioned at the en...

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Antenna Swap: How They Play
I write this article with a light heart since at long last there is significant progress on my 150' tower. That story I will leave for another time since it is an interesting and lengthy tale. With that progress note I will return to my most recent antenna ...

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Tractor Pull
Putting up modest towers and antennas can be done with a little muscle. Gather some friends, set up a pulley or gin pole, and haul away. Some food and drink afterward completes a fantastic day of learning, fun and a bit of work for you and other local hams....

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Spinning My Wheels
Activity on the station is happening yet I have little to show for it. Ambition and property are not enough. With little accomplished in the preceding weeks there is little to talk about in the blog. In any case summer is a time for being outdoors rather th...

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Entertaining the Neighbours
Here we are now, entertain us --Nirvana While I was effecting repairs earlier this spring there were a few workers below who were building my garage. Several times I noticed them looking up towards me. During breaks they'd sit there having a smoke and again...

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Dayton Hamvention Recap
Rain was one of the defining characteristics of this year's Hamvention . It got very wet out there in the grass fields used for parking and the flea market. The rain even followed me home, making for a somewhat gray and depressing drive. That is, other than...

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Surrounded By Turkeys
In my remote QTH there is ample wildlife. Deer, foxes and coyotes are the most frequent visitors. Beavers are a local pest since they damn creeks and wetlands causing road washouts and other problems. Countless chipmunks make homes in the piles of dirt I ha...
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