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David Gray
Photographer, website designer, strange sense of humour.
Photographer, website designer, strange sense of humour.


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Can I mention a page by it'd ID, instead of it's name?

I run two pages. One for my photography page and one for a website I'm building. Let's call them Pics and Web

I logged in as Web and added Pics to the VIP circle. I then switched to Pics and added Web to the VIP circle. Pics could not find Web in the search bar up the top, so I had to go into Pics' followers and find it there.

Now Pics has added Web, and Web has added Pics.

Next, I uploaded an image to Pics and tried to +mention Web in the description, but Web wouldn't show up. I figured it was an indexing thing, so I left it overnight.

Now almost 24 hours later, I still can't find Web (if you're interested, the page is called "" and has a photo of Aurora Borealis as the profile and cover pictures) and it's not showing up on either my regular G+ account, or Pics.

How can I mention a page by ID, and / or how can I ensure my page can be found in the search?

I'm liking the new look, but one thing I can't work out is: How do I add a photo to an existing album?

Over on my photography page, +davidgray Photography, I have an album that I upload to every day. With the old version, I had a bookmark that took me to the album, and there was a "Add Photos" button on the right. With this new version, there's nothing there, save for a back button and the usual "Apps", "Profile" and "Notifications" buttons along the top.

I suspect I need to do this through Google Photos, but I thought I'd ask before resorting to that.

Thanks :)

I'm an IT guy at a private school in Australia, and part of my job is working with our school bell system. It could be better, to say the least, so I'm looking to replace it with something of my own design, and I'd like to chat to some people who have had, even in a very minor way, dealings with their school's bell system. 

1) Are your school bells automatic, or do you need to ring them manually via a push button or something?
2) If they are automatic, do you know how they are scheduled? Is it a stand-alone box with buttons on it? Is it a "7 day" timer (like you'd use to turn your Christmas lights on and off automatically)? Or do you set them up with a computer sitting somewhere in the office?
3) What do you love and hate about your current bell system? *What do you wish it could do that it can't now*? (e.g. send an email when they ring, talk to another program on your system, load bell times from your Intranet / Outlook or Google calendar)?

My ultimate plan is to open-source, but manufacture and sell, such a device, and I'm curious as to your thoughts on school bells, either your own, or in general. 

Today we bought peanut a big bag of catnip. Now we've got Phish blasting over the TV while the cat enthusiastically attacks my car keys. Cat is so fucking blazed.
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I run a Photography business page, +davidgray Photography, and as of late I've been experiencing what I'd describe as "+1 spam". My photos usually get 2-3 +1s, but within the last week, I seem to be getting many more (e.g. one photo I posted recently had 22 +1s which is unusual)

All of these +1s seem to be coming from people that have middle eastern (or Indian) sounding names, no profile picture, no posts (or perhaps 1 reshared post) and maybe one person that they've added to their circles. Some of them have a profile picture, but not much else to help me work out if it's a genuine +1 or a +1 for a different reason.

I know about "Click farming" ( but it doesn't seem to be it, as I'm not paying for advertising or anything like that. The number of followers on my page hasn't gone up, but activity on my posts has increased 1281%, according to the "My Business" app.

I'm not overly concerned, as I don't see it as being detrimental to my business, but I'd like to know what's going on, and why. Anyone else encountered this, or have any clues as to why it's happening?

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For those that haven't liked me page, +davidgray Photography, check out my 365 challenge. A photo a day for a year. Make sure to share with your friends so they can get an awesome photo on their G+ feed each day.

If you're not on G+, I have a Facebook:, an Instagram (@davidgrayphotography), a tumblr (, a Twitter (@davidgrayphotos) and accounts of just about every site you can imagine. Just search for me!
Day 48 - Plasmotic
Share and follow for a new photo every day!

I love plasma balls. So much fun and great to photograph. I've been sitting on this photo for a while, but dragged it out because my other photo(s) didn't turn out as great as I thought. I think I need to get back into the macro game again. If I had my MIOPS (which ships when?!) then I'd have some other cool shots to post.

#dgp #photoaday #365challenge
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Learn French, and buy a copy!
My wife's first book, Amethyst Eyes, has been translated into French and is now available for pre-order! If French is no stranger to you, then head over and pre-order the book! Every copy pre-ordered before January 25th gets an awesome insert signed by Holly. 

If English is more your language, then the English version is also available, at (in both hard copy and digital forms)

And don't forget to check out her art. Always amazing stuff:
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For the first time in ages, I've actually purchased an album outside of Google Play. "Corridors" by Observer Drift. This guy does some really good chillwave stuff. Fjords is on Google Play, and "Warm Waves" is on the Majestic Casual Chapter 1 compilation, but not Corridors or Colored My Heart Red, so to Bandcamp I went!

I really do recommend checking out "Warm Waves". It's a great summer-at-the-beach song.
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