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Ok so this to everyone who has ever been bullied.
Do not ever give in! Do not let these immature jerks get into your head! Do even think that your not good enough! You wanna know why I say all this?! Because I have been bullied all my life! I have delt with people making fun of me, how I act, how I look, who I am! But know what! How can they even know me?! They cant! Only you know yourself! Only your oppinion matters! Not some stupid person who thinks they are better than everyone else!

So all I have to say is be strong! You are beautiful, even if people say your ugly, you are beautiful inside and out! NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS!! Your smart! Your funny! Your not stupid! Your not a bitch! Your not even an evil person! You are you! You are who u want to be! And that will never change! Because you are in control of your life! You are always special!

No one else knows you like you!

Just keep that in mind while your fighting these evil people who only find joy in seeing you suffer! Dont let them have that pleasure! Dont let them get into your mind! Dont even give them the time of day! Know why? BECAUSE YOUR AWESOME!!! BECAUSE YOUR WORTH MORE THAN THIS WHOLE WORLD!!! BECAUSE WITHOUT YOU THE WORLD WOULD BE A WRECK!!!

Thats all I have to say, stay strong and dont give up! Im counting on you to make a difference! Show them you are not their puppet! Show them you are special! Show them!

God bless you! I pray for your strength!

And to you bullies, I pray you can forgive yourself after all those evil things you have done!

~Cortney Renninger~
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Wonderfully written Cortney. We should get to know each other better
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