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lakshman udayakantha
I like to think about new things. I love my country.
I like to think about new things. I love my country.

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[Java] Simple wait and notify example
This example demonstrate wait and notify example. Main thread(ThreadA) will create threadB and will start threadB. After threadB started, it just print that it is started and will go to WAITING state by calling wait(). Meanwhile threadA goes to sleep for 3 ...

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Customize the place where tomcat instance creating for wso2 4.4.x servers
WSO2 4.4.x servers run on an OSGIfied tomcat. It creates the tomcat instance on <CARBON_HOME>/lib/tomcat directory. You can customize this path to your own one by changing the property " catalina.base " in

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Send user attributes to web app using SAML SSO in WSO2 Application Server 6.0.0
WSO2 Application server 6.0.0 is a pure tomcat plus libraries to support WSO2 platform. It includes a utility component to host web apps with SAML SSO using WSO2 identity server. You can find more information how to setup SAML SSO using  Accessing Applicati...

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Policy add using Rest API in WSO2 EMM
You can add a policy using REST API given in EMM. For the use the dynamic registration client given. below sample curl command will return client id and secret curl -k -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"owner":"admin","clientName":"admin_emm"...

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Application Whitelist and Blacklist Feature in WSO2 EMM
It can be white listed and black listed applications in WSO2 EMM 2.1.0 onwards. What is Application White List? White listed applications are the only applications that allowed run on device. Any other application which does not appear on the list will not ...

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WSO2 APP Manager and WSO2 Mobile Device Manager integration
There are two separate cases for APPM and MDM integration 1. APPM and MDM on a single JVM. ex : MDM standalone pack. 2. APPM and MDM on separate JVMs. ex : clustered scenario For the first case, MDM standalone vanilla pack should work without changing any c...

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Hide asset types feature in WSO2 App Manager
In WSO2 App Manager 1.2.0 onwards, there is a feature to hide specific app types from publisher and store. There is a configuration in app manager.xml which located in <APP_Manager_HOME>/repository/conf directory, called EnabledAssetTypeList. If you want to...

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රජෙකු උනත් ගිළන් වෙලා..rajeku unath gilan wela...
රජෙකු උනත් ගිළන් වෙලා එක් තැන් උණදා කියනවාට සැකයක් නෑ නිරෝගි සැප හැර සැපයක් ලොවේ කොයින්දා ඉසුරු සමග හාද වෙලා නොසතුට ආදා දැනෙනවාට සැකයක් නෑ සතුට තරම් වෙන ධනයක් වෙන ලොවේ කොයින්දා බැරි උනදා නෑදෑයන් අත හැර ගියදා හිතෙනවාට සැකයක් නෑ විශ්වාසය හැර නෑයෙක් ලොවේ කොයින්දා

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How to map existing oauth apps in WSO2 API Manager
You can create Oauth apps using  OAuthAdminService admin service. You can follow the below steps to see how it works. 1. Change the mapExistingAuthApps property value to true in <APIM_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/store/site/conf/site.json ...

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කන්දේ ලන්දේ... kande lande...
කන්දේ ලන්දේ ගඟුලැල්ලේ පේනා තෙක් මානේ මන බැන්දේ වින්දේ සුව පහසේ වාසේ ගම්මානේ... වෙල් යායේ දොළ පාරේ නිල්වන් ජළාසේ ගං තීරේ ගුරු පාරේ සිරි දෙව් සිනාවේ ඒ මවු තුරුල්ලේ සුරූපී යොවුන් ලාලනී සංකේත වූ වාසනාවේ ගම්මානේ... කන්දේ ලන්දේ ගඟුලැල්ලේ පේනා තෙක් මානේ මන බැන්දේ ...
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