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This Makes Me Miss My Nexus One

It also makes me think that I will definitely be buying a Nexus going forward. My current phone (also an HTC) has fared fairly well, but still has lagged for long periods of time.

The lack of ICS on Nexus One is understandable, but still a kick in the groin.
Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support The announcement that Nexus One users won’t be getting upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich led some to justifiably question Google’s...
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+John Thompson hey john what up am nicole
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Daphne Chagrin

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A Huge Android Circle

I've been collecting Android developers and others associated with Android development for weeks now. My circle is over 1,500 people, but Google+ only allows me to share 500. Enjoy, and add me to your Android circle too!

Daphne Chagrin shared a circle with you.
In this Circle:
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+Josh England I'm pretty sure the circle sharing feature is the single most spam prone implementation of a good idea google did so far. As +Daphne Chagrin can not remove you from my Android circle that I have added you to, you will get shared along with this and every other such copy of android circles.
I would so much love to expose my circles to the people I add so they can opt in and out on the different circles without me having to guess if they are maybe also interested in those subjects.
Also I rarely post public cause I don't want to spam my Bitcoin people with Android stuff and the other way round. With a public Android circle, people could circle just this Leo Wandersleb->Android allowing me to do "public" shares to those interested without having to circle them back. ... pointless comment as long as I don't know google's point of view and plans on changing this.
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This is one of the coolest ads I've seen in the last year. Incredibly creative and visually striking.
Oliver Seidel originally shared:
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Water Art
first time I'm seeing this concept and find it absolutely stunning!
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Clever. They've taken something that's hundreds of years old and turned it into a fresh idea.
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Daniel Treadwell originally shared: - Your Google+ powered blogging platform.

I invite you all to check out my latest project,, a blogging platform which repurposes your public Google+ posts as Blog posts. Your Blog will be updated daily and will include any photos, videos and comments that are found on your posts.

Can the Blog be customised at all?

Yes, it can! You have control over the following settings:

- Theme (There are currently two themes that can be used, with more to come.)
- Number of posts on each page
- Toggle post pages to show summaries
- Whether or not to include photo posts

You are also able to choose to hide certain posts from your Blog, it is as simple as unticking a box and it will be hidden.

Future plans

There are many things planned for the site, here are a couple I am excited about:

- Custom CSS stylesheets (Style your blog to look however you want it to.)
- Subdomains (Use to access your blog)


Please keep in mind that this site is going through a beta phase so if you come across any bugs please let me know of them. I also welcome any suggestions for features that people may have.

Google have graciously provided me with an API boost so you should not have to worry about the site running out of quota and people missing out.

Please help spread the word, your reshares are appreciated

+DeWitt Clinton +Will Norris +Ade Oshineye +Colby Brown +Robert Scoble +Chris Pirillo +Mike Elgan +Linda Lawrey +Ryan Crowe +Christina Trapolino +Mari Smith +Ahmed Zeeshan +Brett Morgan
+Plusses. is a hosted blogging platform that does all the work for you. We recognise that you have spent a lot of time creating content for the Google+ platform and believe that you shouldn't have to...
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The second tool of this type I come across. I guess it does not do trackbacks ;)
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Daphne Chagrin

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ROAST: Swirl Wine Guide

If you're looking for a good wine app for Android, Swirl is as close as you're going to get. It's not perfect, and I'll tell you why in this roast, but it's pretty darn good.

Drink up.
Generally I don’t write reviews when I’m drinking, but I had a good excuse for Swirl. After all, if I’m going to try to figure out how good the ...
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+Daphne Chagrin ok thanks :)))
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Daphne Chagrin

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Cat on Springs -- this is damn funny
Wes Mason originally shared:
Should be doing French work...

Damn you, Maru...
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Maru forever <3
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Daphne Chagrin

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Wow, I've already been getting pelted with requests for app reviews on! It's going to be fun checking out all of the new apps, particularly the ones that are pre-release.

Thanks for the feedback!
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What a great marketing idea.
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Taichi Nishimura originally shared:
Trick or Treat!

Thanks +DJ Nourse for instruction how to bake-in this cool ring icon :)
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And now for something from the WTF category...

Wow, this presidential campaign is getting very interesting. I've never seen anything even close to this. Kinda creepy, but kinda cool too.
Chris Norman originally shared:
And now for something completely different #politics

First off, I'm only sharing this because it's so radically outside of the box.

That being said, I can't help but share these publicly. I'll stop if you guys want, just let me know.

Please keep comments on topic and in relation to my questions - this isn't a left vs. right thread, and I'll delete comments that steer it that way.

Sadly, I have to have this disclaimer / warning.

This is the most insane, crazy presidential campaign ad I've ever seen in years.
IMHO, it easily tops the smoker in the parking garage..

Succeed of fail, will Herman Cain's campaign be remembered as bringing humor back to political advertising?

What are your thoughts? Unprofessional? Refreshing?

Would you consider this a positive or a negative ad? Will it appeal to independents?

The Reagan campaign is remembered for its masterful use of imagery. Will Cain's be remembered as mastering the viral nature of social networks?

Do these have to potential to go viral? (Asks the man who shares the video). Heh.

I can't help it, this made me laugh.
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Oh, and I hope all political ads are like this this year. It'll make the election a lot more fun.
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Daphne Chagrin

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What Would Women Give Up for Google+?

People LOVE Facebook enough to give up sex. What would we give up to keep our hands on Google+?

It's obviously a subjective measure, but drives home the point of how pervasive Facebook has become, and how important it is for many people as a form of communication, entertainment, and business.

Being perfectly honest, I'm not giving up sex yet for G+. Or Facebook for that matter...
With the addictive nature of Facebook growing with more personal information being shared on the social network, some women would ditch their partners to...
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What I Want in a Google Music Store

I'm assuming that Google will provide all of the stuff that is being established as the min-bar, including cloud storage. As for the twist, here's where I think Google could innovate and perhaps even leapfrog Apple to a degree.

Discovery - When I want to find music to listen to, I fire up iTunes. Then I go buy on Amazon. Apple is king here now, but they leave LOTs to be desired. Their social play has yet to take off, and Google has lots of ways to be creative here with Google+. Add a Music tab along with photos, videos, etc. to my profile. Bring sparks into the equation.

Subscription - Google does cloud better than anyone but maybe Amazon right now, from a consumer perspective. I don't even think about gmail, calendar, etc. being "in the cloud" anymore. It just is. If Google can get the vendors to line up, they have the pull to make a subscription model in conjunction with an effective cloud offering work from a consumer perspective. At the end of the day, Google could solve all of these licensing issues in one fell swoop by acquisition...

Commercialization - This is a bit outside of the box, but it would be great to see Google figure out the right model for offering free access to a massive library of music. They've cracked the monetization of the free web, they're doing pretty well at monetizing free access to video. Why not do Pandora right?

What did I miss?
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+Vic Gundotra You should look at this.
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The Best Running Song EVER

Just re-discovered this today. Used to listen to this album a LOT. Anyone else got a favorite running song?
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mote with lee renaldo singing is amazing
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ROAST: Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro | AppRoasters

I hate running.  In fact, as a sport I despise it and always have.  Recently, however, I was challenged by a family member to run a 10k, and

Review of Android App Swirl

  Generally I don’t write reviews when I’m drinking, but I had a good excuse for Swirl.  After all, if I’m going to try to figure out how go

ROAST: CrazyCat HD | AppRoasters

And now for an entry from the WTF category — CrazyCat HD.  I thought this app was a joke when I stumbled across the description on the Andro