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The Last Days of Judas Iscariot
Courtroom dramas can’t be expected to have much
plot. In plot, each piece of action leads to the next. In a courtroom,
witnesses are called in a series without dramatic cause. And so we can’t expect Stephen Adley Guirgis’ play The Last Days of Judas Iscario...

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C.S. Lewis on Stage: The Most Reluctant Convert
C.S. Lewis lived between 1898 and 1963. He’s best
known for his works of fiction such as The
Screwtape Letters and The Chronicles
of Narnia , although his non-fiction work is arguably more important. He
ranks among the foremost 20 th -century Christian apol...

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The Mountain Bird
In 1859 Henrik Ibsen wrote an opera libretto – more
precisely, the beginning of an opera libretto. He never finished it. It’s
titled The Mountain Bird (in
Norwegian, Fjeldfuglen) , and it was
produced for the first time in 2009 by a Norwegian company, Gruso...

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Schreiber Shorts 2017
Drama should be compressed. That’s why short plays –
10-minute or 15-minute plays – have such potential. But it’s a very challenging
form, and most short plays fail. The playwright needs to make us care quickly,
and a lot depends on the characterization bei...

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Made in China
in China opens with 56-year-old Mary Harrison sitting naked
on her sofa with her dog Lily. Mary sings: This is me Talking to my dog Sitting in a fog Eating macaroni But in my head, I’m far away. We soon meet Mary’s neighbor, a Chinese ex-pat named

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Fringe of Humanity
Paul Calderon packs so many obscenities into his
play Fringe of Humanity that they
nearly form a barrier between the audience and the characters. The scatology
can’t be defended by claims to verisimilitude or naturalism; it’s just vulgar
writing. Calderon d...

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When Mark Chapman murdered John Lennon in 1980, he
was carrying a copy of The Catcher in the
Rye . When John Hinckley shot President Reagan a year later, he had a copy
of that book in his hotel room. Playwright Anisa George has taken this strange

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Martin Luther on Trial
The Fellowship for Performing Arts has just produced
a play called Martin Luther on Trial ,
by Chris Cragin-Day and Max McLean, at The Pearl Theatre. It puts Martin Luther
in historical, personal and, most importantly, ideological context. It’s a sort
of co...

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The Big Uncut Flick
Sometimes we don’t want a massive production,
especially when we want a comedy. And so Gracye Productions’ mounting of Todd Michael’s
play The Big Uncut Flick (at The
Studio Theatre of Theatre Row) fits the bill for a slight 75 minutes of fun.
The show pres...

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Man in Snow
in Snow is a portrait of a man, David, haunted by the
memory of a lost son, Joey. The play begins with his wife, Franny, screaming
“No”, as the family has just been told of Joey’s death in a motorcycle
accident. The remainder of the play jumps around in...
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