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Film reviews for all tastes.
Film reviews for all tastes.

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We Don't Need Another Shero
Shrieking weak-willed women
are a Hollywood cliché of ancient tradition. But with the bold introduction of
the domineering Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road, summer blockbusters
may finally be listening to their critics and presenting characters that ...

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Jurassic World
Has there ever been a year in which the Hollywood box office has relied so much on its past successes as 2015? From the reunion of the main cast from the original Star Wars to tooling Arnie up again for Terminator Genisys , some of cinema’s best known and m...

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Avengers: Age of Ultron - A fantasy in more ways than one
Why don't civilians ever die in Marvel films? For all the destruction on screen, both the superheroes and the filmmakers shooting and choreographing the explosive set-pieces go to great lengths to ensure that no innocent bystander is ever harmed amidst the ...

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Wild Tales
The Icarus of new cinema has finally begun to feel the trickling
of hot wax along his spine. Damian Szifron’s latest film is too perceptive, too
real, to escape the grim turn of current events. The opening scene of this macabre series, told with honest come...

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Oscars countdown part three: best picture nominees ranked
In the third and final part of our preview of the Oscars, we rank each of the films nominated for Best Picture 8. American Sniper The huge commercial success and subsequent Oscar nomination for Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper ought to be me with despair by...

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Oscars countdown part two: what makes a good performance?
Oscars countdown part two: what makes a good performance? In the second part of our preview of the Oscars, we look at those nominated in the acting categories What exactly is is that constitutes great acting? If the nominations for Best Actor are anything t...

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Oscars countdown part one: the ‘other’ awards
With the Oscars ceremony just over a week away, we look at which films
deserve the gongs in the less fashionable categories. It takes a pretty devout film buff to be able to name the winners of
Best Makeup and Hairstyling and Best Sound Mixing from past Osc...

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Inherent Vice: top 5 cinematic depictions of characters on drugs
Two things become immediately clear in Inherent Vice - the lead character Doc (Joaquin Phoenix) will smoke a lot of weed, and the plot will be very hard to follow. These two characteristics of the film are of course meant to be linked. The mounting confusio...

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Wolf Hall
One of the most annoying criticisms directed towards films and TV shows is to say ‘the book was better’. Bookworms passionate about a particular novel are often reluctant to concede that any adaptation could ever hope to be as good as the original, especial...

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Paddington: The problem of all-white casts
Paul King’s Paddington has been widely praised for adapting the story of the famous Peruvian bear looking for a home in London into a contemporary immigrant-fearing British society - but is the film quite as inclusive as it at first seems? The Brown family ...
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