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Change is an accelerating variable
Change is an accelerating variable

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On Elon Musk's Neural Link , brought to you by Wait But Why

Been waiting a long time for this!!

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On Dyson Spheres and more

Looks like there is a shortcut to go from a type 0 to type 3 civilization after all, this made for an interesting watch.

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A QA Session with Rutger Bregman, author of Utopia for Realists

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On the Reddit Place Experiment

This bit caught my attention and I happen to fully agree with it:

too much freedom leads to chaos. Creativity needs constraint as much as it needs freedom.

As a systems designer I've always believed that one should create a foundation with some "loose" scaffolding to help guide a given system as it grows, if the constraints are many and rigid then you run the risk of the system dying if on the other hand the constraints were none-existent then you run the risk of creating a chaotic mess instead.

This experiment has proved to me that humans are indeed capable of coming together and building something great, it should become a textbook example of collaboration on a global scale.

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Could a Grassroots movement in NZ become one of the first to push for the ideas of RBE and positive future(s)?

Was really glad to see such ideas coming out of NZ, for a while I thought that I was alone in raising awareness about such ideas as RBE, UBI and potential positive futures.

Glad to see this is not the case!

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In a world where everyone understands that collaboration to build a better future is an important goal, having an Open Data Utopia would be invaluable to achieving such goal.

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Not sure I fully agree but some good points are made by Daniel Dennett.

My thoughts turned into AI systems similar to TARS from Interstellar as a solution which would combine the best of both worlds i.e. AIs that are general enough but with a focused primary objective (to serve their human masters).

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Would like to see an official shift from a 40 hour work week to 30-35 sometime in the next few years.

I suspect that once we have automated customer service agents capable of communicating over voice and text as well as being able to resolve customer issues around level 1-2 then such shift could occur.

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signal boost
Facebook's 'Town Hall' is probably the best thing the social network has ever done and I can NOT wait to see Facebookers start using it.

Facebook officially released a tool Monday that lets its users — all desktop and mobile users in the U.S. — easily contact their local officials. It's called "Town Hall".
The update means you'll now be just clicks away from voicing your concern about what disturbs you about the Trump administration (like its attempt to quash the EPA, healthcare policy and net neutrality).

With one click you can call, message, email and go to the Facebook Page of each representative listed. Messages are sent through Facebook Messenger.

So let's see some action people.

#facebook #townhall #politics

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