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Rainbow Ghost
Heartfelt synth-powerpop.
Heartfelt synth-powerpop.

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Here's a preview of a track I've been working on for an upcoming album! I hope you enjoy it! :D

…What? It's only been three years!

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I haven't abandoned this Google+ page, and to prove it, I have brought a comforting blanket of updates in which to wrap yourself!

First, Spotify now has the EP! Nice. 

Second, I've had some really neat press since I last posted! It's difficult to cleanly post multiple links in a single post on here, but I'll be sharing the reviews here later.

Anyway, the first was the link below, where the nice people at Athens Music Junkie reviewed my EP back in April. Really thoughtful piece, which I very much appreciate. Check it out if you like!

More soon!

Heyyy, the EP is on iTunes and Amazon now! Honestly, I really just care about people listening and sharing rather than buying the music, but I wanted to give people the option.

Oh, and Spotify should be in the picture soon.

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Oh, hey! I see you there.

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The lovely folks over at Echoreyn of Athens, a local music blog, have given a quite complimentary review of the EP. Thanks so much! (:
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