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google, facebook, apple, yahoo, startup, android, ios, firefox, chrome, twitter
google, facebook, apple, yahoo, startup, android, ios, firefox, chrome, twitter

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Find How e-Cigarettes’ Disruptive Technology has Revolutionized the Smoking Industry
Lik Hon - a Chinese pharmacist - was the brain behind the first electronic cigarette that hit the market. A lot of things have changed ever since, and right now we have a wealth of companies manufacturing and selling e-cigs. The first modes launched didn’t ...

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Car Battery Care and Maintenance Tips - Must Know
Are you looking for great tips for your car battery maintenance? You have been looking for long but couldn't find definite tips so that you can maintain your car battery easily? Then set all your woes aside because in this article we are going to discuss so...

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How to Login to Tinder without Facebook Easily?
Dating is something that will never go out of fashion. People have been using the dating apps for a long time. There was a time when there were no smartphones and only internet. Even at that time there were dating websites. However, with the smartphones hav...

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The Must-know Mobile Security Questions
Security plays the major role in every innovation. Many new projects and innovations failed to meet the customer’s satisfaction because of the security issues. It is the duty of every developer, to develop bug-free software and take care of the security iss...

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Siri v/s Google Assistant - Which is the Best? [Infographic]
The iOS users still remember the excitement Siri stirred when it first hit the market in October 2011. This excitement never faded as Apple continued to update it from time to time with features that users lovingly embraced. However, with the grand appearan...

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Tips to Track the Hidden Places of Risks in Internet Security
We live in a world of internet and we are dependent on internet for all our activities. The internet has changed our lives in numerous ways. The internet helps in both positive and negative ways. Internet has a dark side because we have observed many securi...

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What Could Happen If a Cybercriminal Gets into Your Online Storage Service?
Like many internet users today, chances are you tend to store a lot of your files on an online storage service for convenience. And why wouldn’t you? You can snap a photo with your smartphone and with a tap of a button have it uploaded to your Dropbox accou...

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Pokémon Go - Reason Behind Numerous Mishaps
Most of you have already heard of Pokémon Go, and some of you are even addicted to it. Well, the only way it is possible for someone, in this time and age, to be unfamiliar with this game is if they were stranded on a deserted island for the past four month...

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Image to Word: The OCR Game Changer
Image to Word is a mobile app that came out of the Comet-docs workshop some time ago, and it has recently been updated with some cool new features. Here are some of the new and improved aspects of Image to Word mobile app: Two ways of converting images - vi...

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Essentials of Mobile App Security you need to know
Have you ever used utility apps like phone scanners? Are you a business owner running a business process on an enterprise app? Be it an individual or a firm, your trade secrets, quotations, employee data, and more sensitive information are all out there. Yo...
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