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Tom Cutrofello
Puzzler who just can't stop!
Puzzler who just can't stop!

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Circle Pong! by App Cow Free!
Circle Pong! is a dexterity puzzle app game. The object is to move the paddle to keep the black dot inside the circle. Are you old enough to remember the original Pong ? I used to play it at the local bowling alley. It was just as fun as the bowling. Cirlce...

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75 Years of Crosswords at the NY Times
Unquestionably, crosswords are the most popular of all puzzles in the US and the world. The NY Times crossword puzzle gets gradually harder through the week. Monday's the easiest, Friday & Saturday are the hardest.  Sunday has the biggest crossword. https:/...

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Symmetria: Path to Perfection by Platonic Games Free!
   Symmetria: Path to Perfection is game to test your reflexes.    The object is to tap on the squares on the mirrored side to match the original image. What's particularly good: 1. Sometimes the image is on the right, or left or up or down. 2. Multiple col...

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ROOM Δ Room Escape Game by Mani Morishita
ROOM Δ Room Escape Game by Mani Morishita has received so many positive reviews on the App Store. Just a few days ago I reviewed another escape game from Mani: Sphinx. I solved 95% of this game on my own.  The other 5% I consulted a youtube walkthrough. A...

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Sphinx Room Escape Game by Mani Morishita Free
Sphinx Room Escape Game  comes from Mani Morishita. It's like a lot of other room escape puzzles: pick things up, use them elsewhere and of course, solve strange puzzles. This particular game got a lot of press.  Enough press that there are at least 2 wal...

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Panic Cube by Fishbowl Interactive Free
   Panic Cube has a stellar icon.   See 2nd image.  The colors are crisp, modern and enticing. The only piece missing is that the icon doesn't readily help explain the objective of the game. The game is similar to the classic music game  Simon . The program...

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Find the Road by Magma Mobile Free!
   Find the Road is a maze puzzle with a sliding tile element.  The object is to arrange the sections to form a path from start to finish. They start off pretty easy.  On some of the first batch, I may have stumbled on an alternate solution because it took ...

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ReBound Lite by Hoon Nam Free!
ReBound Lite comes from Hoon Nam. It's a maze with rotating mirrors game.   The object is to get the little silver ball to collect all the big red balls and finally get to the white square as its destination. We've seen lots of games like this in the past. ...

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Districts by Chequered Ink Ltd. Free
Do you know what gerrymandering is? From U.S.   Politics.   the   dividing   of   a   state,   county,   etc., into   election   districts   so   as   to   give   one   political party   a   majority   in   many   districts   while  concentr...

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Mirror Maze - A Different Kind of Maze Game by Silly Dog Games LLC Free
   Description from the App Store: Are you ready for a new, fun, and challenging take on maze games? With Mirror Maze, your movements are mirrored as you try to complete mazes of varying complexity and difficulty. Packed with three maze collections containi...
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