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More Ways to Keep Kids Safe

What better time to further discuss keeping kids safe than on Halloween? This very holiday addresses all the things that go bump in the night and scare children when they're home alone, and it doesn't take a creepy costume to remind parents the importance of helping their kids feel protected - this is something we worry about constantly.

To stave off the heebie jeebies of Halloween, you can read five additional ways your security system can help keep your children safe and secure by clicking this link:

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Home Alone? How to Keep Your Kids Safe

Kids are back in school this month leaving many parents scrambling to meet new after school activity schedule demands. Parents with multiple children are finding this an increasing challenge. How can Sarah get to soccer practice while Junior finishes his science project at home? Scenarios like this leave parents asking themselves, "Is Junior old enough now to stay home alone?"

Click below to learn five solutions to common parent concerns using today's security technology:


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Who's That Knocking On Your Door?

Now you can always know the answer to that question, whether you're home or on family vacation three states away. Answer your door from anywhere you are with the new Smart Alert Doorbell Camera. It allows you to communicate in real time with any new visitors using a live video and audio feed sent straight to your smartphone.

We've received many recent requests for this newest security feature and are excited to now be able to offer this to our Lake Arrowhead customers!

For more information about our new doorbell camera, read our blog by clicking this link here:

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Why More People Are Managing Their Security Systems from Their Smartphone.

If you have a smartphone, you probably find you use it for almost everything. According to a 2015 Pew Research study, most smartphone owners use them as their main way to interact with the online world. You most likely use your smartphone to check your email, social media, and calendar, as well as to search online, watch videos, order food, and navigate with its GPS.

With so much of our lives already on this little device, it makes sense that so many of our customers now prefer to manage their security systems from their smartphone. 

Read our blog to learn the top 3 reasons our customers keep giving for this preference:

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Criminals On Camera

It's time for burglars to make a career change. It's simply become more difficult than ever to get away with crimes. As more people are attaching affordable video surveillance cameras to their alarm systems, it has become easier to identify intruders. But that's not the only reason for burglars to change vocations. The other big reason is that victims are fighting back; exposing intruders and their crimes by posting break-in footage on the internet for the whole world to see.

Read more about criminals caught on camera by linking to our blog article here:

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We Sweat the Small Stuff

We recently called one of our customers on a simple power failure signal we had received from her alarm system. She was perplexed what the cause could be so she looked into her circuit breaker box to see if she could gain some clues. To her surprise, her circuit breaker itself was on fire!  With quick action, she managed to extinguish the flames before they could do further damage.

She called us back and explained what had happened, thanking us for calling when we did. It turned out that our routine phone call on a simple trouble signal had helped her to save her home from a potentially damaging fire.

To read more about why trouble signals are important too, click on this link to our blog article here:

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