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Be prepared and compassionate to your best friend
Wanted to share this, Written by Brad Patterson     

"When is it time?" 

We are often caught in an abyss when these words come out of our mouth. Or it may be phrased similar to "I think it is time to say good bye". 

Neither sentence brings immediate joy. Darkness will haunt you, sadness and heart wrenching feelings will be present. 

As I sit in the airport, I put my mind to this question. "When is it time?" 

I have witnessed the glazed eyes, the empty eyes, the eyes that cannot let go, but must. And on the odd occasion I have seen the joyful eyes. As difficult as it may be, I request the person asking this question to find a neutral place in their mind. 

Look deep inside the dog who has fulfilled your life for many years. Now find a smile. The smile is the most important ingredient to resolve this puzzling question. Your smile hopefully sees a number of joyous moments between you and your ailing dog. 

Running in the park, nudging your hand, clearing the coffee table of wine and munchies. The moment your dog played in the water bowl - not drank from the water bowl... 

"When is it time?" 

Second ingredient is DIGNITY. All of the thoughts you just had zip around in your memory bank have this one thing named dignity. Sssssshhhhhhh, listen to this most honest, and important ingredient. 

If your dog is old and failing then you must react accordingly... 

The dog who has been in your life... walked alongside you... waited day in and day out for your arrival home from work... alerted you when a visitor is at the door... protected you and slept with one ear listening while two eyes slept. 

You can NEVER EVER allow your dog to lose one ounce of dignity. Yes it is a moment we dread, but there is not one reason in this universe that will out trump dignity. 

When it is time to say good bye, it is time to say good bye. 

Listen to family and friends for the hard honest truth. You have the gift to move your dog’s soul to the next journey. Do not, I beg of you, do not make your dog suffer and lose part of its soul. You must find the strength and honor your dog, as your dog has honored you for many years. 

This moment is a powerful moment. No question about that. I tell many people this decision is the time in the dog’s life, where you can do RIGHT by the dog. 

Celebrate this gift and responsibility. Throw the biggest celebration, honoring your dog. Remembering all the dog has taught you and what the two of you accomplished during the life of your dog... NOT your life. 

Because this is not about you... this moment is all about the dog that devoted its life to you. 

Kiss your dog on the head, say a prayer, have your support team by your side, and welcome your veterinarian into your home. The time is now, it is your turn to protect the dog and do the right thing. 

It is what your dog deserves.

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