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Jeffrey Cuscutis
A nice guy with a dark sense of humor.
A nice guy with a dark sense of humor.

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Are you now or have you ever been in a fraternity or sorority?
This is perfectly in line with the new definition of freedom of association. I don't get what all the fuss is about.

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This is your imagination on #TiltBrush. Paint in 3D space with virtual reality →
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Censorship is the last refuge of those losing an argument.

+Kelly Ellis started a campaign to support bringing blacks and Hispanics into programming, according to her in response to my "racism" (which is nonexistent except as a fantasy in her mind). I promptly donated to that campaign, and publicized it to my followers, inviting them if they donated to leave comments on her thread that I'd sent them.

Now I learn that she deleted my comment and has been systematically deleting comments by people who went over there to donate and cited me.

Get this, though: apparently she's still taking the money.

Kelly Ellis, you are a coward and a censor. Your beliefs merely make you an idiot; your conduct in attempting to erase the record makes you contemptible scum.

I am now suggesting that nobody donate to this campaign.  The cause may be worthy, but the organizer is a fraud.

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I might be completely biased, seeing how I've known this fellow for mumblety number of years (ahem) but Sean Hoade is currently trying to raise funds to get a trilogy of books out, all based on Tesla. If you are into horror, steam punk, science fiction or Tesla, there's probably something you'll like in the trilogy.

So please, help out an artist:

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+Robert Anstett, have you seen this?
Learn how a library media specialist collaborates with classroom teachers to create 3D Projects with SketchUp in an upcoming webinar on Oct. 8 at 3:30 EST.

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Shiny. This would be very nice to have.
You might not have any super-soldier serum to boost your strength but you can still become the patriotic Avenger with the Captain America Prop Replica Shield, which was cast with the same molds used for the prop seen in The Avengers. #captainamerica #shield


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Captain, the boilers canna take it!
Mr. Scott, Steam Factor Eight!
Let's hear it for steampunk Star Trek!
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Cap and Bucky sitting in a tree...
Captain America: The Winter Soldier: The End
By MaX KennedY
Link ~

Inspired by the classic b/w photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in NYC ❤❤
V-J Day in Times Square is a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt that portrays an American sailor kissi... -
+Sabah K

#CaptainAmerica #Bucky #WinterSoldier #kiss #StanLeeIsGod #marvel #art

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So true.

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Interesting history of how D&D brought women into gaming.
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