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DANIEL G. RODGERS Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer
Suffolk County Criminal Defense Attorneys. Our Criminal Lawyers in Suffolk County are available 24 hours. Speak to a Suffolk County Attorney
Suffolk County Criminal Defense Attorneys. Our Criminal Lawyers in Suffolk County are available 24 hours. Speak to a Suffolk County Attorney


Suffolk County police will be increasing holiday DWI patrols this weekend. Don't drink and drive in Suffolk County.
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Suffolk County New York - A Suffolk County man has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for paying people to buy guns in Pennsylvania that were smuggled to New York and sold on the street. His Suffolk County criminal lawyer initially declined comment.

The criminal defendant, 32, already is serving more than 17 years in a New York prison on related charges, and the term imposed by a Judge on Tuesday will run concurrently, meaning he won't spend any additional time in prison as a result of the federal term.

Still, prosecutors contend it was important to prosecute the defendant and seven co-defendants, all of whom also have pleaded guilty.

"The defendant's conduct was essentially one stem removed from street violence,"

The defendant is just one of an untold number of gun runners responsible for bringing about 90 percent of the weapons seized in connection with New York crimes through what's known to law enforcement. In general, that refers to guns smuggled into New York from Virginia, Georgia, Florida and other states linked by Interstate 95, along the nation's Eastern seaboard.

The Police Department intercepted some of his cellphone calls to prove he knew what he was doing was illegal, including one to an ex-girlfriend while he strolled the streets of New York with a duffel bag stuffed with illegal weapons.

The defendant assisted in buying 44 guns between December 2015 and August 2016 in Pennsylvania. Because the defendant is a convicted felon, he can't legally buy guns. That's why he used straw purchasers to buy the guns, which were then smuggled to New York.

Many of the guns were bought for about $150 to $300 and were resold for $800 to $1,200 and sometimes for as much as $2,500, authorities said.

An undercover Police officer was credited with gaining the defendants trust and breaking up the ring by becoming his exclusive customer. The officer wound up buying 112 guns in various deals conducted in a drug store parking lot in New York.

It is expected that he will seek to hire an experienced criminal attorney in Suffolk County.
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A Huntington New York man was arrested for Criminal Posession of a Controlled Substance in violation of the New York State Penal Law 220.00 after he was found with four oxycodone pills without a prescription. The defendant must appear in the Suffolk County Court in Riverhead to answer the criminal charges. Police from Suffolk County found the pills after conducting a search of the mans vehicle pursuant to a traffic stop. It has yet to be determined if the defendant has hired a Suffolk Criminal Lawyer. This article brought to you by Suffolk County Criminal Attorneys.
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A 24 year old woman was apprehended by the Suffolk County Police for being involved in the beating of two other women. The criminal defendant was part of a group who attacked the victims in front of a Suffolk County restaurant. The defendant is facing charges of assault in a Suffolk County Criminal Court in Central Islip. It is unknown if a Law Firm was retained in this case. Brought to you by Suffolk County Criminal Lawyers.
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