As IT has become the lifeline of most businesses, IT top executives, whether CIOs in some organizations or VPs for IT in others or even IT managers – depending on the size and structure of the organization – are becoming more and more influential in decision-making within their organizations.

However, CIOs are being bombarded with new technologies on the one hand that may best serve their business, and are also being restricted by economic conditions on the other, forcing them to downgrade aspirations to the minimum..Unlike what some expect, CIOs can only direct their attention to new technologies after addressing their pressing needs. Moreover, technology providers need to know that their new directions can only be introduced in parallel to avoiding the disruption of existing services.

If this is the conclusion, then talking to them about the cloud or any other direction technology is heading to can only happen in a 2-way discussion rather than lecturing them about the new trends. Meanwhile, using IT to produce greater business value is vital, accompanied by an ongoing focus on lower costs and higher efficiency.

This does not mean that new technologies need not be introduced but through value creation new ways to help customers and the organization profit from how data is used must be achieved.This is what the Cairo ICT 2012 IT Top Executive Forum is doing: a 2-way discussion platform, where both parties to the equation will be meeting face-to-face not just one side lecturing and the other listening. And both parties will see how to raise the ROI within respective businesses for a larger contribution.
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