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╔♫═╗╔╗ ♥
╚═♫╝╚═╩═╩♫╩═╝Svesty fashtion
Yes, I don't like hair braids style like shown in the pic +Sonya Reasor. Just commenting the picture with my personal opinion. Has nothing to do with gender things I thought- even on male,I still wont like it. No fence to Svysty Fashion, Svysty is cool. ok? hope its clear.
oki Sonya but I thought the picture is clearly showing the braids style so my comment should refers to that?
hate to say - i thought it was pretty clear! :)
right but I didn't even paid attention to what she wearing after you point it out lol. I just cant believe some peoples still braid their hair.
she has lovely hair (nice braiding 2)
That is so cool! i wish that i could do that on my hair, but my hair is not long enough to do that quit yet but eventually i will get to. i love all of the different techniques. very cool. sweet.
wow i really love those hair styles
i wish i had hair that long
Creative and beautiful. I would recommend the weaving of some kind of jewelry for accentuation.
Vee A
I don't understand how the "S" shaped one was made! Mind = BLOWN
I love learning new hairstyles, and they look amazing!
everyone looking at the cleavage pic the longest and not the hair..
Wow, I guess I have to grow some hair!!!!!!
omg these hairstyles are just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I want whoever did these to be at my house by 6:30am to do my hair. Oh, and bring Starbucks.
WOW! I dont even know how to braid LOL
Loooooooove It ..... Especially the firs, second and fifth photo
I actually liked the hair designs. Obviously, they are not everyday feasible and would require the proper outfit to make them work, but still, unique and I like them.
very impressive n exclusive hairstyles ....wooooowwww
I wish I was girlie enough to do cool braids... I keep my hair short so I just have to spike the back and straighten the front.
looks awesome to me!
it's like a princess is getting ready to go to a ball or some thing
She certainly likes to change her hair doesn't she.
omg!!!!!! I follow the person who posted this on instagram it think!!!! This picture was on instagram!!!!!!
hats off to hair stylist........................its really awesome..................
nothin wat hpnd....................
i looove these pics seeing as ive got long hair myself!
Great braids. When I was young I always had short hair and have only recently grown it to my shoulders. I can't figure out how to braid it, my fingers get stuck in the braids!
i think you don't 've.........................
I like it It's cooooool...
hey Fashion freak nice,i like it
Hey fashion! That's looks soo good! I love it! Wish I can do that. xD
P.s.T B
now that is cool fashion, keep it up
That's a lot of hair
Pavel S
That's a lot of hair.
Beautiful! How much time is required to make all these?
emo shy
deadly vuo love it
Bottom picture, second from the left, looks like a H.R. Geiger piece. Pretty cool.
I wish I could do this with my hair - I can only do a simple french braid -- so much hair , so much waste :-(
wow!! thats awesome man! but i wanted the complete procedure to try it on my hair.......
Matt B
all top except the left one <3

the others - well, interesting ...

just my opinion ^^
It looks unrealistic,seems not a real hair of her.But no doubt she's so pretty and adorable.
wonderfull.... same view as shaheen,,, the procedure pls
Beautiful! Now I wish I had someone to braid my hair like that.
You must mean the 7th picture, unless of course you are a C programmer.
Lovely braids to try for my little one...
very nice hair styleeeeeeeeee
all should have saved head ., the most buty
Ooooh I want to learn these techniques so much! Make a dvd, I'll buy it.
i wish those were mah hair.........
every fashion lover will like it and will copy
Love all those styles, braids are in and whoever says Ewww.
Haters! SEriously if you dont even like it dont effn comment plain and simple.. Geesh
Most of those I already know. I could figure out the rest! Maggie would be great. Meg reminds me of high school meghan. Love you.
i wannah do this...this is kooool :}
This is so pretty <3 wish i could do that!
NEET! I"ll have to show the other half. she is always wondering what to do with her hair. now I got something to show her.. :)
that's nice!!!!
to try i had a curl hari
Cu Lu
So pretty . !!! Cool. 
I lov dat. How i wish i'll see someone to weave my hair like dat
Jason T
Im going to try the snake looking one on my daughter, surprise my wife, lol
I like !!!!! MMM... 2'nd row, and 2'nd last ..
jai ram
very coooooool nd impressive......
Katniss Everdeen should have a looksee at these. Not that she is not the most awesomenessness ever!!!!! HUNGER GAMES!!
That's a beautiful hairstyle. I love women with french braids.
It's cool i real like the photos and the hairstyle,
I wish even to touch.
wow, these hair styles are so amazing, :O.... xx
these are sooooooooo outta fashion!
i love dat i wiish i could do that braiid
I need to learn how to french braid lol
Not anymore they're not @ ibrar yunus
Ive done most of them , just not the one with S braid !
omg how did you do that, that is amazing :) and really pretty
My hair is perfect for these changes (lol)
LOVE IT!!!! i wish i could do the one on the top right corner!!
This only works if you have thick-enough hair :P .. which I don't :(
That 7th picture is the best one. Just sayin'.
life would be so much easier if i could do that!
I like the second to last on the bottom. :) And the last one on the top is awesome! XD
thats sooo sick!!!!!!! me want!!!
looks too complicated to even try. :L
I like top row second from left and bottom row third from left.
beautiful hair, that you should not hide your face
ohhhh gurl tht is fresh like is pretty real pretty..................
Jay Tee
The fourth one is ninja level, AUUHASUHS! WOW!
Wow, I definitely think OCD is in play here.
Amazing.......all are fantastic, so creative !!
wow that is so crazy but cool
bottom section second column from left to right = Princess Zelda
they loook really difficult to do
you did a great job any kind of new hire style you send me your picture thank you
Wish I new how to do that to my hair
I wish I new I how to do that to my sisters lol.•__•
don't listen to 'em, victoria... +2
I so wanna learn how to braid like that!!!!
i've seen some of these braids on girls around prom time
Beautiful, clever & an inexpensive way to look fashionably stylish
the hairstyles are so damn pretty & unique! I like them all! :)
OMG I'm gonna do this on monday (:
so irritating wen her hair wraps around the post then she has to fix it delaying me... an excuse for air, situated? yeah vote for tassel driving reins home
beautiful but hard to taking shower daily ! ! !
sorry but i dont like them because it would be hard to take a shower
these are all soo cool......KATNISS BRAID!
aw sweet i want my hair to be like that
some of these are original. I prefer the first and the last
I love them all!!!!! The last one is really great and so is the second and fourth!!!!!
Epic!! Wish my hair did that. Or was long enough to....
just now i wished if i had a long hair..:(
I like all the different styles in one persons hair
Very interesting! So much we can do with a single braid and looks wonderful!
Amazing! If only my hair were long enough. :p
i love all of these!
if only i had the patients to do all them and the coordination needed especially for the last one
Wow....I wish I had longer hair.
the hair styles are awesome really awesome!!!
tom bom
i just pooped
AWESOME BRAIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thiz is cool r u:) do u have a youtube channel or something?!?!?!
Comment from Charley Brown,'uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!
love practising unusual styles on my daughter.
Is this from #HungerGames ???
that looks like katniss's hair... (from the hunger games) is it?
how long did that take? yeah it does look like katniss's hair.
wow that looks time consuming..hehe. Nice work. :)
it amazing hair and cool fashion
i like it
wow that's awesome!!! i'm going to take a risk and try to make these braids!!
Those braids look just like the braids in the Hunger Games!
how should i put it beast awsome cool epic great
you need plenty time for this
Wonderful photos and beautiful hairstyles...
those are very pretty hairstyles i wonder how long it takes and who done it i wish mine would do that but i think mine is too short
warey nise & beutey ful
Amazing Hairstyles! :Px
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