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Easter Bunnies

For approximately 10 years now there is a lawsuit between two companies concerning the design of a chocolate Easter bunny. In 2007 this lawsuit went to the supreme court of Germany. Now, in 2011, the supreme court remitted the lawsuit to the lower instance. The reason? On the way to the supreme court the pieces of evidence - the chocolate bunnies - got lost. It is believed that someone ate them in the last 4 years.

»Para's Puzzle Site« is the new puzzle blog run by Bram de Laat, started in Sep. 2011. Currently there are 11 puzzles online, well-known classic puzzles and new variants. It's definitly worth a look!

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»anderson's Puzzle Blog« started end of August. Currently there are 10 classic puzzles published (Fillomino, Masyu, Numberlink, etc.)


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"Gesaku" is one of the most creative Nikoli puzzle authors; many of the Nikoli puzzle types have been invented by him. Recently I found out that Gesaku runs a blog; you can find it here:

Most notably thare are ~100 Toichika puzzles and ~100 Renban Madoguchi puzzles.

The blog is Japanese only. If you are not familiar with the rules of Toichika or Renban Madoguchi you can find it here:

AFAIK Renban Madoguchi appeared only in PCN #128 in 2009 while Toichika became some kind of standard and appeared in several issues of PCN.

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Early announcement: The Diogen autumn puzzle contest will be held fom Sep. 23 to Oct. 1 on the Diogen website. Author of the 12 puzzles is Riad Khanmagomedov.

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Gurami Puzzles

see (in German)

Rules: Write numbers from 1 to N into the triangular cells of the diagram so that each number occurs exactly once in the white cells and in the gray cells. In each stripe the sum of the numbers in the white cells must be equal to the sum of the numbers in the gray cells. (There is no rule that the numbers in a stripe must be unique!)
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