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Just released +three.js r68.

change log:

If you were expecting this release on May 15th as I promised, sorry about that ^^ There has been quite a bit of refactoring on this cycle in the skinning code and WebGLRenderer itself. It was better to wait for things to be more stable.

As you can see on the change log there is a ton of new bits to play with!

One I would like to highlight is the VRControls and VREffect that eases the process of supporting the new experimental VR HMD being implemented in Firefox and Chrome:

This was contributed by a Mozillian. This cycle also has some improvements from NVIDIA themselves and we already had contributions from Google and Microsoft. Apple next? :P

Another change is that, thanks to +Jaume Sánchez, the documentation is now mobile friendly (examples next?). If that wasn't enough, he also added a filter field.

And the last one would be the fact that most of the Raycaster code has been moved to their own objects. This allows anyone to create their own objects with their custom raycast logic.

Following that style, Loader.Handler has been added, which allows adding custom loaders for unsupported file formats (TGA and DDS examples by now). 

There are a couple of gotchas on this release though...

1. object1.position = object2.position no longer works

And sadly there is no way (without losing a lot of performance) to warn the user about it. Please change it to:

object1.position.copy( object2.position );

Or, depending on your case:

object2.add( object1 )

You can include this file in your project to find where you're using the old pattern:

2. WebGLRenderer scene graph change

From now on, when using WebGLRenderer, if an object has visible set to false its children won't render. The other renderers already behaved like that.

And that's about it. As always, thanks to all the contributors!

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Collect em all!
Made this little game for Google ‪#‎Cardboard‬ with my team. Turn your smartphone into a vr headset! #io14  

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WebGL won!

4 years ago I set myself on the path of making WebGL win (versus Adobe's Stage3D, etc). Now that Google, BlackBerry, Mozilla, Opera, Microsoft, Apple and Intel are supporting the technology I can finally take a deep breath.

Along the path I've had to deal with a ton of negativity and counter-productive comments. It's been an interesting journey...

Of course, taking the full credit would be ridiculous. More than 300 other developers share the credit just on the +three.js side. And like +three.js, many other libraries and engines have been doing their part to show how the technology could benefit the web.

We're not done yet though. I think we're just getting started with the kind of things WebGL can bring to the web. We've finally started to work on tools and that should open the technology to non-developers too.

As my friend +Theo Tillberg  would say... Champagne!!

Thanks everyone! ^^

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We're almost to our funding goal for OTTO the hackable Raspberry Pi camera on Kickstarter!

Our toy camera / pocketsize computer has been on the front page of the Icelandic national newspaper, on Thai nightly news, KRON4, praised by Creator's Project, Tech Crunch, Peta Pixel, and maligned on Reddit. I think that adds up to some kind of milestone in life.
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Hmmm... I wonder where/how they store the depth. I've had a quick look at the /DCM/Camera and I can't see any additional files...

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The tech behind the project: 

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So happy to have installed our new sculpture with Janet Echelman at #TED2014   Huge thanks to everyone on the team for all their hard work making this a reality. 

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A river moves like a writhing snake. The view from space helps us see how - 28 years in 5 seconds (from Google Earth, link:,-74.13468,9.148,latLng&t=2.73)
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Great interactive work by the NYT last year. Some really impressive stuff.
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