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Lars Ivar Igesund
Programmer, geek of most things and believing in technology to improve the world
Programmer, geek of most things and believing in technology to improve the world

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I don't often post to G+ anymore, but when I do, it is because of awesome.

These folks are coming to Trondheim next year!

#starmus #trondheim #visitnorway

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Lars Ivar Igesund commented on a post on Blogger.
Eg har gjort det til vane å gå på Technoport (iallfall hovudkonferansen) her i Trondheim, og i år var det påfallande kor mange av oppstartsbedriftene i pitche-konkurransen som etter mi meining var high-impact. Der var AI, fleire kommersialiseringar av forskning frå NTNU, og så vidare.

Eg er likevel einig i tankegangen bak det han seier, og eg trur vel at grunderar som driv med high-impact innovasjon også vil finne det endå meir motiverande enn endå ein chatte-app.

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Hugs and Science

Very nice and positive writeup on how Marit (that is behind Hugs and Science) came to be a science writer rather than a scientist. And the story behind it is well worth a read too, especially the Lenski letters (on Conservapedia no less).


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Lars Ivar Igesund commented on a post on Blogger.
Interessante diskusjonar, men eg vil tru at når det gjeld serviceyrker (slik som manikyr, frisør, etc), så vil marknaden fortsatt vere stor for menneskeleg arbeidskraft sidan eg vil tru at mange nok av kundane heller vil forholde seg til mennesker enn til robotar. Det vert sjølvsagt eit anna spørsmål når dei vert så avanserte at vi ikkje ser forskjell :)

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Interesting discussion on Trump and trolling from my favorite economics thinker Umair Haque.

#trump #trolls #politics

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See Sisyphus push that boulder forever. And learn some kinetics while you're at it.

#lego   #physics   #kinetics  

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Kickstarter goes benefit

I was not aware of these possibilities in corporate America, but this is one awesome move by Kickstarter. (And the charter is awesome too.)


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Mega Pong

Trondheim Maker Faire is coming up this weekend, and it turns out a promotion of proportions were needed. Rockheim is our version of Seattle's Experience Music something, and is lit by a very large number of LEDs.

#makerfaire   #trondheim  

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Hornseten, Fosnavåg - evening walk #visitnorway +Visit Norway​

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Very well put.

Thought for the day -- if you oppose modern genetic modification of food crops, you should be aware of the following:

Many common crop varietals have been produced using what I'll call "old-school genetic modification". In this process, we take a plant's germ cells and beat the hell out of them with mutagenic chemicals and/or highly ionizing radiation (e.g., gamma radiation from nuclear reactions). This creates lots of completely random mutations in the plant's DNA, and you simply cross your fingers that some of them will be beneficial. This has been common since around the '20s, and includes many crops currently labeled "organic".

Preferring that process to modern, surgical genetic modification can be thought of as preferring being shot with a shotgun to having endoscopic laser surgery. Sure, the shotgun might accidentally fix something, but...
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