Hey Guys, gapingvoid needs your help :D

My dear client, Babson College, has kindly asked me to draw them a cartoon for them, based on the idea of "PRODUCTIVE StUPIDITY".

I messed around with the idea already, but I somehow I haven't managed to crack it yet. Aaargh.

So I thought maybe I'll try open-sourcing it to my friends, see if "the power of social media" can help etc.

Here's the powerpoint slide that they gave me to explain the backstory, thanks:

<a href="http://gapingvoid.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Productive-Stupidity-1.pptx">Productive Stupidity (1)</a>

Plus Len Schlesinger, the President of Babson, posted some thoughts on the subjects:


At the very least, I hope it'll start an interesting, fun conversation. "Open Source as Social Object". Exactly :D

Thanks Again!



UPDATE: Forrester's Josh Bernoff wrote a blog post on it. Thanks, Josh :)

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