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Will people adapt towards a discussion based conversation or a shorter facts and answers based one?

How the internet could change the way we communicate!

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Believe it or not, the world is becoming more peaceful. 

Just a quick look at how the internet has helped.

Great idea for a community by the way!

Hey everyone!

I hope all is well.

Basically, I have become a bit disillusioned about the idea of Blog networking in this community.

Whilst a lot of members here are really great, and post relevant content, I feel that a lot of people just want to post a link and leave. Most of these links are purely self promotional, and they have no intention of integrating or discussing other peoples' content.

I know it is a young and small community, but I think this narcissistic behaviour spans wide online, and possibly offline. 

I see communities with thousands of members, all posting their own content and little, if no response. 

Maybe I'm deluded in thinking that people should interact more, rather than just posting self interested material.
I guess it could be part of the human condition. 


Whilst I would love to moderate and become an invite only community, I'm just not sure it will really work. 

So I'm at a loss on what to do really.

I might write a blog about it ; )


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Hey everyone! 
Hope all is good.

I'm going to kick start some networking. 

Is anyone up for writing separately a blog on a certain topic? 

Links to each others'/numerous blogs could be added in the body to support/show a point of view. 

I appreciate that "a certain topic" is quite vast, but if any bloggers here feel like a challenge then post up some thoughts about what we could do.

Contrasting opinions on something still means we could add the links for a balanced read? 

I've just finished a blog, check it out if you want. 


Have a good evening from London.
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