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+Ben Moore is there any plan to publish Kwnl on a package registry like npm? I know it's possible to npm install using the GitHub repo, but it would be really convenient to `npm install knwl` whenever it's needed.

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Let there be tabs! Crisis averted.
I made another Chrome extension. This one makes tab indented code on GitHub more readable by forcing tab size to 4 instead of 8.

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Go Code Colorado Finalists have been publicly announced. I'm lucky to be a part of them, on a team from Boulder. We won our local hackathon along with one other team team, and now we compete with nine others in the state-wide apps challenge. Over the next six weeks we hope to make building business in Colorado easier than ever.

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Latest blog post: Moving to Wintersmith (w/ +wercker  and GitHub Pages).

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This one's for +Michael Hurley.
They might say the same in Colorado soon.

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I don't have a big problem with Facebook, it's still my favorite way to share photos and update friends/family. Except... you might not see this post unless you actively engage with me on a regular basis (?!). I highly recommend watching this video to understand why.
This is the reason why I don't enjoy interacting on Facebook, in order to have my posts pushed out to people who WANT to see my stuff, it seems like I need to post the most baseline things, like, say, me in a bikini. Or a kitten.

Dumbing down content to actually REACH my fans is ridiculous. If they're following me, they want to see my stuff. I don't have money to pay to reach all my fans for everything I post. And paying for views sucks in general, Facebook. So...yeah. Great video!

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Google+ auto-generated a wonderful look back for 2013!

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Interesting thoughts on trying new tech.
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