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Lee Jones
Scientist, Engineer, System Architect... I build complicated stuff and extract meaning from things. Husband and father of 2. Ex-Officer and recreational athlete training for life...
Scientist, Engineer, System Architect... I build complicated stuff and extract meaning from things. Husband and father of 2. Ex-Officer and recreational athlete training for life...

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While it's a spot-on market analysis, not sure what there is to do about it from a Google POV. This would just seem to be a kudos to Amazon for having a better idea of the long view for product strategy...
How Amazon is making a sucker out of Google.

Google's semi-official motto is: "Don't be evil." But I wonder: Is Google evil enough?

Amazon is taking advantage of Google’s open Android policy in a way that could cost Google billions and destroy the Android ecosystem for tablets.

Pic props to Steve Jurvetson

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Fetus Model Set

This came up as a "Product Ads from External Websites" on Amazon while I was searching for a lego set. The picture lacked much context and was basically just "fetus model set!" and I was wondering if I was going to click through to someone pasting these to a sandwich board in preparation for a fire bombing of planned parenthood. To my relief, it was actually a genuine medical model (they also have brains!), but was totally an Amazon WTF moment.


My Google Health Account is Going to Be Shut Down!!

Wait... I had a google health account?!

Oh, yes, I guess I did. I signed up for it when I thought they were going to do something interesting... and they didn't. Email came this afternoon when everyone else was being alerted that assorted google projects are being wound down. My wave account is going away too...

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Now that Internet users have laid off meme-ifying Rick Perry’s brain fart, they’re focusing their time on the chemical can-wielding police officer.

The web’s newest meme is known as “Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop.”

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<Insert Absurd Movie>: The Musical

Total Recall: The Musical (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Total Recall: The Musical above. Legolambs on youtube has a selection of pretty much every Schwarzenegger film (and others). Conan, Predator, Terminator, Commando, RoboCop, Rambo, The Thing, Schindlers List...

The things that come up at the end of 2 hour meetings.

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via +Sameer Al-Sakran disturbingly good representation of things.

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Toca Boca!

Best of what I'd hope from apps for kids. Free-play, no scores, no real objectives. Unqualified recommendation. $1-3 each and a deal at multiples of that cost.

The helicopter taxi game as an augmented reality app with the camera on the phone or iPad -- it's fun watching the kids fly it around the house, landing to pick up passengers and dropping them off. Watching my daughter set up a tea party, give haircuts (rather massacre the heads of) cartoon characters etc., it's all good.

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BubbleSet visualization

Interesting concept. Value can be seen in the demos and examples, however, not sure how this scales to non-trivial data points. Probably would need to go through some level of summarization (clustering or something) in order to reduce the data in so that the visualization is still coherent, but the summarization could destroy the very selection criteria that makes it interesting to navigate. Filing away as interesting, but not quite useful in (my) practical situation.

Can't remember how I got to it...

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Romney Supports Personhood Amendment?

The first link probably more even-handed than the second noting his being flustered in trying to figure out the most triangulated political response.

Romney is just super-inclusive. He thinks everything is a person: from corporations to single cells. Whatever. It's all good to him. It is the big-tent party, right? He's just making it bigger.

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