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Kamonsiri Chaisuwan
Photographer. Wanderer.
Photographer. Wanderer.
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Jim Goldberg- Raised By Wolves

Raised By Wolves is series that focused on homeless youths living in LA and San Francisco between 1987 to 1993. Jim Goldberg documents a compassionate and the adolescent life in America, of displaced and misunderstood youths. These emotions are documented within the photographs and uses the youth's handwritten messages and letters to convey their feelings towards the lifestyle that they lead, giving them a voice which can be heard as communities such as themselves may not appeal others.

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60 steps or so, look left and right.

For me, journeys to uni consist of a 30 minute walk or a bus. For this task, on the days I walk to uni, I decided to record the start and the destination of my journey by sticking to the rule of taking around 60 steps or more and photograph the surrounding or what I see at the final steps. As for bus journeys, I decided to photograph at every stops that the bus stops for. I like this methodology as it gave me more attention to certain places that I am in, connecting more to the community and my surrounding which I overlooked.
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Some point during the Thai Songkran Water Festival.. As I was photographing the event, I suddenly came across these two little brothers..

5 year old: Take photos of me! Take photos of me!

[5 year old grabs camera]

2 year old: Drew! (Andrew. 5 year old) I want photos too!

5 years old: Did you take it yet?!

Me: Yes I have

[2 year old screaming]: Yaaaay!!


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Compare to all and most of my friends, I am the smallest one out of the bunch. Always. It's what give me my identity and the first impression of me to others. Being small is pretty great as there are many benefits from fitting in bed perfectly without your feet hanging off the bed or to not crouch down under doorways. But, also being small has its downfall as I can't reach the top shelf of my cupboard or I can't actually reach anything at all..

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A bond between a mother and a child is as intimate as it can be..this is shown all the way from birth, throughout childhood and all through the ages. I wanted to capture a raw and compassionate moment shared for a slight moment at such an innocent stage.

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Through spending time with my peer, I unfolded her loveliest secret as a ballet dancer...
Her movement is just as soft and elegant as she is. I wanted to portray how ballet has integrate with her body, how graceful the way she moves and how each movement seems rather subtle yet beautifully striking.
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